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Saturday, February 03, 2007


I hate winter. Yesterday we had white-out conditions on my way home and the road I live on was ice-covered. Here's what happened at around 5:30 p.m. We were just walking out the door when we heard a loud bam! My husband saw this guy in an SUV slam his vehicle into a pole right across the street from us. At that very moment, our house went dark and as you can probably guess, we lost all power. This guy drove his vehicle around the pole that he just broke in half and was going to drive off. I asked my husband, "Can he just do that?? He just slammed into that pole and that pole is broken in half! And he's just going to drive off???" My husband put his "people skills" into gear and began screaming at this guy. The guy comes to our porch and, trying to defend himself, says, "I was only going 60." I'm thinking; 60 mph???? On ice??? First of all, 60 mph is speeding on GOOD roads, you dumb ***!!!! When will people learn? Meanwhile, there's a woman in a van, sitting in our driveway and we can't figure out why she's there. It turns out that she's a paramedic and she is required to stay at the scene of an accident until an emergency vehicle shows up. She called 911 and told them to send the fire department out here and to call the electric company as well, because there's a chance the wires could fall, since the pole is broken in half. To make a long story short, the cops come out, the fire dept. comes out, the electric company comes out and four and a half hours later, our power is back on. It kind of screwed up my evening. Here's a picture of the workers putting up a new pole and transformer last night:

Slow down on the roads, people!! Nothing is that important that you have to risk your life to get there. =)

said    at 9:26 AM

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