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Saturday, December 31, 2005


May this new year bring happiness, joy, peace and love to you!

Have a blessed NEW YEAR!

said    at 12:35 PM

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas and I wish you all a blessed New Year. I haven't been on the computer much lately but hopefully this evening and tomorrow evening I can go around visiting. Also, if I didn't talk to any members of my family on Christmas (Jan, I'm so sorry I didn't call you!), know that you were in my thoughts. Even though I had my Christmas shopping done a week before the holiday, I never get around to wrapping until Christmas Eve, so I spent a good portion of that day wrapping gifts and trying to get some last minute cleaning done. We decided to go to our 10:00 p.m. Christmas service that evening as well, which put us home around 11:30. (Needless to say, I had to finish wrapping a few things after we got home from church so I was up until around 2:00 a.m.) We celebrated Christmas with my husband's kids and families on Friday, in our new living room. No, it's not done; it's not even painted yet. But that wasn't going to stop me from hosting the evening (since the kids voted to have it here). All went well and I was really glad we had it before Christmas, since my mom will be hosting MY family's Christmas this Saturday at her house. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

On Christmas day, we went to visit my mom for a bit. We also were lucky enough to run into 2 of my sisters; one arrived before we got there and one right before we were getting ready to leave. My mom's been very busy cleaning and decorating for the holidays, and keeping very busy! I know it's hard to celebrate the holidays without my dad here, but I hope with each other's support and love, it'll make things a bit better.

Well, my coworker is here so I must get going. Have a great day! =)

Addendum: Without reading any comments first, I wanted to add something here; for my sake and for my mom's... Mom, we had a very nice time on Christmas, visiting with you and I wish we could do that more often. Just know that you're thought of every day and you're loved.

I realized that I may have sounded like I wasn't able to enjoy the holidays, but that's not exactly what I mean. It's difficult to accept the fact that my dad had to leave us this soon. He was a very active man; both mentally and physically. He followed all the doctor's orders and he was happy. I will never know why this happened but I do live on, and I enjoy my family's love and company. I hope each and every member of my family knows this. Take care and let those you love, KNOW that you love them. =)


said    at 8:27 AM

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Have a blessed Christmas!
Love, laugh, and be kind to others; not only during this season but always! =)

said    at 1:09 PM

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Winter, winter, go away!

Well, you can stick around just long enough to give us a white Christmas.... This December has been one of the coldest, snowiest Decembers we've had here in mid-Michigan in a very long time. My road just stays icy and drifted. Just as soon as the plows go by and they drop salt on the road, the wind picks up and freezes up the wet pavement and drifts snow everywhere. You know how I hate driving in that stuff. But I only have one and a half more days to work after today, then I'm off until the 4th of January (except for 1/2 day on the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year's.) Yay!!

Maybe we'll be painting the new addition after Christmas. I sure hope so; I'm getting anxious to start using the new rooms, then it's on to the old part of the house. We still have to convert the daughter's bedroom to a bathroom/laundry room, make the existing living room into a bedroom and re-do the kitchen. Every room will eventually be painted and it'll look like a whole new house when it's done!

I hope you have a great week. Stay warm and be careful driving! For those of you who are not as "fortunate" as us people who live in Michigan, I will continue to post pictures for you. Maybe it'll help you to imagine what it's like to deal with this white stuff for the next few months. I really don't mind the snow so much; it's the blowing, drifting, and freezing that I can live without. And if I had my own personal driver (not my husband), I'd be one happy (and spoiled) camper!! =)

Take care; have a good one!


said    at 8:18 AM

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Here's what it looked like outside 2 days ago... snowing and blowing with very low visiblity. If you look closely (click on the pic; it'll make it a bit bigger), you may be able to see the tower in the background. I thought this picture was an excellent indication of the way 'Mother Nature' has been treating us lately (all winter, really). =)

And this picture, I just took this evening. We gave Schatzi a bath tonight and he's looking mighty handsome, don't you think?

said    at 10:59 PM

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Wanna play my Monday Madness this week? Just click on the link I've provided you. I shouldn't have sent out a notification telling everyone it was all about words; maybe it sounded like it would be boring. I only had 14 participants! =( (I'll be playing later in the week.)

If you'd like to adopt the 'Merry Christmas' graphic below, just click on it to take you to my adoptables site, then go to 'seasonal adoptables' once you get there.

... or maybe you would prefer ...

said    at 7:51 PM

Sunday, December 11, 2005


We've had our Christmas tree since last Saturday, but since we have a family room full of boxed up stuff, I couldn't locate the lights until yesterday. SO, I put the lights and ornaments on then. Today I'll add the little red bows; no tinsle this year since the dog may try to devour it and we won't mention what that might entail later... We also found our light-up village to put on the wall unit and those are now up; I just have to find two extension cords to plug them into. I also put out a few other Christmas decorations so brighten things up a bit. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

The new part of the house is still coming along. The drywall is all hung, the guys we hired to do the mudding have got the first coat on and will be sanding tomorrow. I understand this is done three times? That's a lot of work! It doesn't look like we'll be enjoying that part of the house until after the new year, but it's ok. I know it's getting done, and all things happen in good time.

So, the season finale of 'Survivor' is on tonight... Anybody have a preference as to who wins? At the beginning of the season, I wanted Steph to win, but she's developed a real attitude lately and she seems to be doing a good job of running the show, so as usual, I'm rooting for the underdog; Lydia. If you would have asked me this question even two weeks ago, I would have had a hard time answering, since I really didn't take a liking to any one person, but now I've made up my mind. How about you?

The weather outside is frightful! It snowed earlier today, and for the past 3 days we've had a strong enough wind to blow the snow all over the road. Makes for treacherous driving. We'll see if I even drive to work tomorrow or have the husband take me... and winter has just begun.

I did so much work yesterday, I swore I was not going to work at all today. SO, it's going to be a relaxing afternoon for me! Enjoy your Sunday afternoon as well!


said    at 1:00 PM

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Last night I was unable to visit any blogger blogs. By the time I found out that those sites were opening again, it was too late for me to go online and do any visiting. Anybody else have that problem? (My seester did I know, because I talked to her last night on the phone.)

If you know me at all, you know I like to stay away from really controversial topics on my blog. This subject I cannot keep quiet about; all this complaining about referring to this upcoming holiday as "Christmas" and trying to keep the religious aspect of it out of the public schools, stores, etc. WHY? After all, it is a religious holiday and the whole foundation of it in the first place is Jesus. Why are we stepping aside and saying "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings" when what we really want to say is "Merry Christmas?" And I am NOT calling my Christmas tree a holiday tree or anything else... (Please go visit my mom's blog to read some interesting stuff.) I am a Christian and I am NOT ashamed of it, and I do truly believe that I live my life AS a Christian. I am not stepping aside for those who choose not to include Christ in Christmas. I am not judging you if you have different beliefs; I am merely asking for you to respect our beliefs and allow us to be as free to express them as those who want the religious aspect taken out of this holiday, are. Thank you.


said    at 8:27 AM

Monday, December 05, 2005


You see that picture of Schatzi, our puppy, in the post below? Well, we just couldn't resist buying him that little jingle bell collar the other day. We put it on him and the poor thing was just a bit confused as to where the jingle sound was coming from. It didn't take him long to figure out that the jingle was going nowhere, so he just put up with it. Also, within minutes, he was totally oblivious to the fact that he even had the collar on (so I thought). The first night, before we went to bed (I always take him into my daughter's bedroom to sleep), he was scratching something fierce around his neck, so I took his collar off and let him sleep without it. He didn't mind at all. Of course my daughter put the collar back on him first thing yesterday morning again. (She wants to get her money's worth... She told me he can only wear it one month out of the year and he'll be wearing it 24/7 right up until Christmas.) Well, last night I decided we'd make it a habit to just take the collar off before he goes to sleep for the night, then we could put it back on the next day. I took his collar off, put it up on the bookshelf, and the puppy just started barking like there was no tomorrow! He was trying to reach his collar! (Of course I didn't know this until after several minutes.) I put the collar back on him and he was as happy as could be. He walked away as if he just won a prize! He wanted that dang thing on him! Go figure... In answer to Bryn's question; yes, he is a West Highland Terrior. Isn't he just adorable?? =)

Ok, question of the day (as heard on one of our local radio stations): Should children be allowed to be present in the delivery room while their mother is giving birth?


said    at 8:15 AM

Sunday, December 04, 2005


It seems like forever since I last blogged; it's only been 2 days... Anyway, I just had to share this picture with you. We went to Frankenmuth yesterday (and it was a gorgeous day to walk outside), and we just couldn't pass this little collar up! Oh yeah; it jingles!! =) There were people selling their stuff, at outside booths and we had a really nice time walking around. Have a peaceful Sunday evening!

said    at 3:34 PM

Friday, December 02, 2005


Jury Duty... continued

I reported for jury duty yesterday morning, we were led into the courtroom about an hour later, and we listened to closing arguments. By then it was about noon. The judge read the rules to the jury (of 14), then proceeded to draw 2 names from the "hat" and those 2 people would then be dismissed (since they only need 12 people on a jury; the other 2 of us were alternates. But everyone needs to sit in on the whole trial.) Guess what? My name was the first one called. By then I was bummed out that I wouldn't be a part of the decision-making. The judge asked the 2 of us whose names were called, not to discuss the trial with anyone until the court notified us at home that a verdict was reached, just in case they needed to call one (or both) of us back to fill in for one of the other jurors. When I got home from cleaning the house I was scheduled to clean yesterday, there was a message on my answering machine saying that the jury had reached a verdict of guilty. If I'd have been able to deliberate with them, that's exactly how I would have voted.

So, through a random drawing of names, mine was drawn to be summoned for jury duty, my name was then drawn to be a possible juror, and finally, my name was drawn when they selected the 2 alternates. 3 times! Where else can you have that kind of "luck?" =)

I think everyone should have an opportunity to sit on a jury. I know many people who have never even been summoned for jury duty, and most of them really wish they would be. I've been summoned 3 times; 2 times I actually sat on a jury. To be fair to those who haven't had this opportunity yet, I think the state/county should throw out the names of those people who have been called more than once, and let someone else have the chance. But, that's the system and there's not much we can do about it. It always surprises me, the number of people who raise their hand asking the court clerk (or whatever their position) if there is any way they could be excused from their duties, due to whatever excuse they can possibly come up with. I know for a fact that people are given at least 6 months advance notice that they have to report for jury duty. I think that's ample time (with exceptions of course) to plan around it.

Well, that's all for now. Have a fabulous Friday! =)


said    at 7:19 AM

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Jury Duty Update

As you may have read on my previous post, I had to report for jury duty yesterday morning. I expected to sit there most of the day, in that big room they put us, waiting for jury selection. At around 11:00 a.m. we were all told to follow the clerk to the courtroom for jury selection; fine, I thought. What's the chances of them randomly choosing my number?? Well, apparently, better than the chances of me winning anything I've ever TRIED to win. First of all, they pick 28 numbers. The judge and lawyers then proceed to ask questions of the prospective jurors, to find out if there's a chance any of us would be biased in any way where the specific trial is concerned. Then the lawyers start booting people off; with cause, or without. I was NOT dismissed. So we listened to opening arguments and the trial began. This morning I have to report at 10:00. I expect to be there all day. I've been summoned for jury duty now three times; the first time my number was never even called, the second time my number was called and I sat on the jury, and now this third time, here I am again. What's the chances??? I don't really have a problem being on a jury; I just find it a challenge to go through my days not knowing really what they're going to bring. My last day is Friday so that means if this trial is over before then, I still have to call tonight to find out if my group has to report tomorrow. (Keep your fingers crossed tight!!) =)

If you're looking for a calendar for December, I have made six blinkie calendars and you're welcome to use them, with a link back...

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


said    at 8:06 AM

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