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Saturday, August 27, 2005


It's raining, it's pouring..... but that's a good thing. We needed this rain. I've made a couple new moody bears if you're interested; I've now got 49 bears to choose from and I suspect that number will be increasing shortly. Sometimes I look through the choices and I realize that I don't feel like ANY of those things. By the way, I added 'shy' and 'at peace.'

The puppy's fine. I think he likes his new home.

Well I'm off to make some September blinkie calendars before August is over! Have a blessed weekend, all! =)


said    at 12:28 PM

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Not much new going on around here; it seems getting prices for cement and sand are harder than I ever imagined...... I'm running out of patience.

For some reason, I gave in to something my daughter's been begging for for years; a puppy. She's very clear on this though: SHE is responsible for him, not me, not her dad, not anyone but her. SHE is to walk him, feed him, clean up after him if needed, and anything else that goes along with owning a pet. So far, so good. Her dad has been surprisingly patient about the whole thing too. He's always claimed that there will never be an animal in this house. What possessed him to change his mind is beyond me, but I've given up trying to figure those kinds of things out long ago. Of course, my daughter can sometimes have more influence on him than I can so I told her she needed to talk to him about it rather than having me be the mediator. I guess it worked because she's a proud owner of a new puppy; his name is Schatzi. He's very cute; here's a pic:

Have a great week everyone! =)


said    at 5:56 PM

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Give me a P!
Give me an E!
Give me an R!
Give me an M!
Give me an I!
Give me a T!

What's that spell???? Woo Hoo! We got our building permit yesterday. Because we're in a flood zone, we need to put our garage up a foot above where the ground is now and the addition/conversion part of our house will be about 2 steps up from our existing living area. No big deal though. We're calling around now for the best prices on sand fill for the garage. Keep your fingers crossed for us; we may actually see some action by the end of next week!! =)

I'll be keeping a journal on our progress once things get going and I'll be taking pictures as well. I told my daughter she's got to take a picture of me holding our permit; it's been a LONG time coming!!

Enjoy your weekend!


said    at 11:48 AM

Monday, August 15, 2005


Oops! Where did the time go??? It's back to work again!

Ok, here's how ignorant I am... My daughter came into my room last night to ask me if I had a Gmail account and I told her yes, but I got it because someone who had one invited me because they had a bunch of them left to give away. She asked me to go there and see if I had any to give away and I told her I'm sure I don't since I only have an account through an invitation. Well, guess what? When I got to the site, on the lower left-hand corner of the page it says I have 50 invitations left and to type in the email of the person(s) I would like to invite. I had no idea I even had those to give away! SO, needless to say, I invited my daughter to have a Gmail account and now I have 49 invitations left. Anybody interested?? =)

This week ought to be interesting. As I said before, we finally got our DEQ permit last week, only to find out that we needed an elevation certificate. So the guys came out on Friday to survey our property, told us our bottom floor had to be 1 foot above the flood level (which means it's going to be higher than we had anticipated because currently our floors are 2 feet BELOW the flood level), I panicked, called my dear ol' dad to ask him if that was do-able (and he said yes, of course; we'll just have two levels), called the contractor to let him know what was going on, he told us he'd be giving us a call this week to come out and re-evaluate the situation so we can move forward from there, and now we're just waiting for the elevation certificate. We were told we should have it by this afternoon. *fingers crossed* THEN, we should be able to go down to the township office to get our building permit. If this is a test to see how bad we want these renovations, I think we pass... Let's hope there's no other surprises in store for us, eh?

Well I must get to work. I think I'm taking tomorrow off so my daughter and I can do some scrapbooking. I'm looking forward to it. Enjoy your week, and take care!! =)


said    at 7:59 AM

Thursday, August 11, 2005


I was ready to post something here last night and Blogger was down for maintenance. (I hope nothing's changed!)

Ok, I mentioned that I was having problems getting into the 26 Things site; well I had 2 http's in my url. Duh... But I swear I was still having problems getting in even with the correct url. I have corrected my link in the previous post so all's well.

School will be starting here in just 2 weeks; where has all the summer gone??? I never look forward to school starting; it requires more driving on my part in the morning and the fact that I will have to share the bathroom with my daughter doesn't please me either. BUT, such is life and the child must go to school.

The good news: We received our DEQ permit yesterday afternoon!

The not-so-good news: We found out we have to have our land surveyed for elevation and submit an elevation certificate before we can get our building permit. But this will all be taken care of within a week (I hope) so keep those fingers crossed, will you??? =)

I'd just like to know why these people who 'know everything' won't just come out and TELL you everything you need to have before a renovation project, from the start. How hard could it be? Give me a list of things I need to come up with and I'll do it. But no, it's much more interesting to them (and it maybe gives them a sense of power) to tell you one thing at a time and make this process even more long and drawn out than it has to be.

With any luck, we'll be breaking ground for the new garage by the end of this month (or sooner.)

I must get to work now. I hope all is well in your part of the world and IN your world....


said    at 7:53 AM

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


My 26 Things ~ July 2005 are DONE!! =) (...and please click on the thumbnails to see larger photos!)

(Also, I've been unable to open the 26 Things site. Is anyone else having this problem??)


said    at 1:42 PM

Monday, August 08, 2005


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will hear from the MDEQ this week. (Keep yours crossed too, will you???) =)

I just wanted to share this with you; a quote I found in our weekly Catholic newspaper yesterday. Have a blessed week everyone!!

"Live simply, so that others may simply live."

Oh yeah, and if you are interested, please take a moment to stop at Monday Madness this week; I'd love to see how you answer the 5 questions. Thanks!


said    at 7:53 AM

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I just dropped the step-granddaughters off at their house. My daughter (who they call "Auntie") and I promised them an over-nighter sometime this summer, so yesterday was the chosen day. BUT, their mother didn't have anywhere to take them for the day while she was working so we ended up having them from 8:30 yesterday morning until about 10:30 this morning. The girls are 7 and 8 and full of questions! VERY curious young girls; and talkative. It's very interesting talking to them because half of the stuff that comes out of their mouths appears to come straight from their mother's mouth..... I wanted to tell their mother that she must remember, kids that age absorb everything they hear and see, and to be careful what you say to them because it WILL be repeated, but I figure anyone raising children should already know that so I'm staying out of it. I think they had a good time; we went to the Saginaw Zoo, then went to buy some water balloons, had a water balloon fight (toss), made cookies, ordered pizza for dinner, then had a bonfire last night. We ended the evening with a movie, during which we all fell asleep. Now I'm home alone and enjoying it! =)

In between loads of laundry and putting the second coat of paint on the picnic tables, I'll be right here at my computer trying to create some new things in PSP. I haven't done much this summer in that program; basically just keeping up with my blinkie calendars, but there's time for that kind of stuff when the weather gets colder and there's not as much going on.

So enjoy your weekend and take care of yourself and your loved ones!! Here's another quote for you to ponder....

"Optimists see stepping stones where pessimists see stumbling blocks."


said    at 11:07 AM

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


DONE! One down, lots to go!


said    at 11:54 PM


Well the good news is that my accounting software is working; I installed it on my co-worker's computer (which is now mine!) and it works like a charm. Besides, this computer has Windows XP instead of Windows 2000; much better in my opinion.

So, how many of you have completed the 26 Things challenge for July? I'm almost done; just got a couple more pictures to take and then prepare them for uploading. I know Shirl has had her set of pictures up for a while now. Go, Shirl!! And I'm afraid my mom will have hers up before me too. BUT, not to worry. I will get there sooner or later. I'm still working on the one from April just because I think it's a great way to challenge myself, and it's always a lot of fun. I'll probably post those as well, just for the fun of it.

Life is good even though it's hotter than he** out there still. The kid starts school exactly three weeks from today and she's not ready to go back. There's still a couple more mini vacations I want to take before then so cross your fingers and hope I get to take a few days off in the middle of the week soon. AND of course at least one more weekend at the parents' cabin; maybe two... It'll be really nice there in September I'm sure.

Ok, I'm off to do something constructive now. I hope you're all well and staying cool!! God bless! =)

Oh yeah, my friend Friday emailed me with a couple of ideas for my moody bears and I might work on those tonight. Thank you Friday, for your ideas. I think my mom gave me a few more ideas a little while back also and I will try to get some of those done too. Later!


said    at 7:32 PM

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I'm a bit frustrated; my accounting program at work is not working... After spending hours and hours on the phone with a tech support guy, we've come to no possible solution. *sigh* I'm ready to throw this computer out the door and get a new one, but we don't have that kind of money in our budget. (I wonder if the company that donated this computer would consider letting me trade up for a new one.) Anyway, somehow, by the end of my work week I need to get it going. I've already done payroll checks manually for the other church; this week is pay week for us and I don't want to have to do that again. I tried uninstalling the program and re-installing it; no luck. I'm told that it may be a problem with my computer; hmmmmm, maybe I'll switch computers with my co-worker. She's got the newest computer in the office, and Windows XP; I have Windows 2000 and I don't like it! Besides, I'm the bookkeeper, she's a volunteer; who do you think ought to have the best computer?? =)

Well we've got our 90 degree temps back this week, but it's supposed to cool down by Thursday evening/Friday morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We still haven't heard from the DEQ about our permit. Summer's almost over and we haven't even got our house project off the ground! Why must I be challenged like this?

I gotta get to work now. Have a great day!


said    at 7:50 AM

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