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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Here's a little something I thought was interesting....It's called Colorgenics and I found it at Insane Faery's Blog. Why not give it a try yourself?? (Here are my results.)

You are constantly trying to make a favorable impression and endeavoring to be considered as that someone 'special'. You are pretty good at using various tactics and strategies that give the impression that you are in control. Maybe you are - but you are constantly watching to see whether or not your endeavors are truly appreciated. Be careful... just as 'you' may be endeavoring to influence others, 'they' may indeed be influencing you.

Always anxious to accept the role of the leader, as indeed you often work well with people - but try to stay out of the limelight. You'd like a life of ease with no one to rock the boat and someone who understands you is so important in your life.

Matters are not progressing as well as you would have hoped and you are having to make concessions - but you still believe that your goals are realistic it's just that people can't seem to see your point of view. You know what you want but you'll only accept suggestions under duress.

You are holding back. You need to find friends in whom you can trust and once they have proved themselves beyond all possible doubt you will be prepared to give them your all. The existing situation is not of your liking - you have an unsatisfied need for mental stimulation with others whose standards are as high as your own. Trying to control your instincts the way you do restricts your ability to open up to others and the way you feel at this time is suggestive of 'total surrender'. This is not to your liking as you consider such thoughts as weaknesses that need to be overcome. You feel that only by control, controlling your innermost thoughts, are you able to maintain your air of superiority. You want to be admired for yourself alone and not for what you can do or for what you may have done. In essence 'you need to be needed' and at the same time 'you need to need'.

You are greatly impressed by individuality and have interest in people who have outstanding qualities. You try to imitate those people that you admire and their characteristics, hoping that you will be able to display similar qualities in your own personality.

said    at 8:07 AM

Friday, July 30, 2004


I was JUST about ready to give up on posting tonight; blogger has been moody. I've been playing around in PSP again; I'll show you something I drew at the bottom of this entry. Hey, what does that little icon 'upload image/file' mean? Can we upload images here? Do you think? (Positive thinking.....I'll check it out later.) I have SO much to do but have been too busy working to get to my fun stuff yet, so it'll have to wait. No, I'm not complaining either; I'm very grateful for the jobs I have...

I have been meaning to change my adoptables page drastically and I hope to work on that this weekend. It really needs to be more organized; iframes would be the way to go, but first I have to learn how to code with them so don't hold your breath. Also, I still intend on uploading photos of the airshow, finishing up with my list for 26 Things, and making more blinkie calendars. We'll just see how much of that I actually get accomplished.

Now it's time to play monday madness; just a few days late!

Choose your favorite....

1. Skipping or Running; Skipping of course! It's more fun!
2. Coke or Pepsi; Coke.
3. Rock or Hip Hop; Rock, but the 'old' stuff; like in the 80's and before.
4. Laptop or Desktop; I love my desktop! But my laptop is nice too; especially for taking it on vacations!
5. Cold Weather or Hot Weather; Neither.....I like my weather in between.
6. Swimming or Bicycling; Swimming AND bicycling! (I don't do either enough though.)
7. Chocolate or Vanilla; Chocolate.
8. Day or Night; Day AND night! I do look forward to my evenings though so I'll choose night.
9. Looks or Brains; Looks don't last; brains do! Of course if I had my way, I'd choose both.
10. Cable, DSL, or Dial-Up; I'm sure DSL is a wonderful thing, but I've never used it, so I have to go with cable.

That's all for now.....Have a fabulous Friday!!! =)

Oh yeah; here's what I made just a little while ago.....

said    at 12:40 AM

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I just got back from a couple of really relaxing and enjoyable days at the cabin...I have to admit though; I couldn't stay completely away from the computer. I checked in on Monday Madness a couple of times and of course you KNOW I checked my blog. I had intended to post questions for my meme on Sunday before we left but since I saved my packing for last minute, I had absolutely no time to post; and since I don't have my password memorized for, I couldn't send out a notice until this evening letting y'all know to come by and play. I thank each and every one of you for checking in on a regular basis even though you may not hear from me.

We had a really nice time these past few days. It was SO good to get away from here. Since my Mom and I are both participating in the latest '26 Things' (sorry; no link), we just had to see how many pictures we could get for the themes. I love these photo projects because it really challenges my imagination! We both got some nice photos (even though I haven't viewed mine yet) and got a good portion of the list completed. We took walks through a couple of the parks in Ludington and it's truly amazing what you can find to take pictures of. We also got some good visiting in, plenty of sleep, good food, and overall, a very relaxing, laid back time. We'll be going back in about 3 weeks. It always makes me ask myself why I don't go more often. Life is too short to spend all your energy doing things that HAVE to be done; you just have to get out there and have some fun and leave the responsiblities of daily life behind.

I still plan to post some pics of the airshow, as well as some from our getaway, so stay tuned. For now though, I'm going to call it a night and get some rest; I'll need it, considering the busy schedule I have the next few days. Oh, I got an early start on my August blinkie calendars (I made ONE so far); look for more within the next couple of days. I still plan to update and change a few of my other pages soon; meaning before the end of August.....

Hope you're all enjoying your week! Don't work too hard!! =)

said    at 12:32 AM

Sunday, July 25, 2004


I'm going to bed soon, but first I wanted to share with you something you may be wondering since I told you my daughter was taking her Driver's Ed final on Friday. She passed!! Yay! (There was no doubt in my mind but it's still really exciting.) We're going to spend a couple days at my parents' cabin; will be leaving after church tomorrow today, but on Wednesday I'm sure she'll be getting her driver's permit. Since she learned how to drive in a Trail Blazer she thinks she won't be able to drive my little car; she's not driven in anything but an SUV so far, but I tried to assure her that if she can drive a Trail Blazer she can certainly drive my car.......another milestone for my kid; sad for me in one way but also something to celebrate.

I am really looking forward to getting away for a couple of days! Because I'm leaving on Sunday and not returning until Tuesday evening, I will probably post the questions for Monday Madness early in the afternoon before we go...any suggestions??? =)

The airshow today was really fun! I got some great photos that I'll share with you this week. The schedule included: A helicopter show (one named 'otto'), wingwalking, skydiving teams, F-16 and P51 demonstrations, and military jets. Those things are so fast that you see the jet flying by before you actually hear it. I was really surprised that I got such good photos since these things move so fast; I love my camera!!

Off to bed now; Have a fabulous Sunday!!! See you on Tuesday evening! =)

said    at 1:20 AM

Saturday, July 24, 2004


I'm just so excited that I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning that I can't seem to go to bed! We do plan to take a ride out to the airshow tomorrow though, but that will be sometime around noon. I hope I can get some good pictures!!

I want to thank Lori for taking over What's On ... Right Now? because I really hated to give it up but honestly, I have so many other things going on, I figured one meme is plenty for me to update, yeah? Thanks, Lori!! Her question this week was What's On your to do list Right Now?
Hmmmm....Finish cleaning the house (with the help of my daughter!) ~ Finish checking links so I don't have any 'dead links' on any of my pages ~ Go to the airshow tomorrow ~ Pack for Sunday (going to the cabin; yay!!) ~ Enjoy life!

Now for a little Monday Madness on a Saturday (or Sunday; whichever way you wanna look at it)...
1. Do you prefer to be out in the sun or in the shade?
In the shade mostly; sun ages you prematurely!
2. Regarding the walls in your house, do you prefer neutral colors or bright colors?
I have neutral walls but after watching 'Trading Spaces' I would definitely be open to trying out some richer, brighter colors.
3. When hanging pictures on your walls, do you like things symmetric or asymmetric?
A little of both I think.
4. How about where you'd like to live; country or city?
I'm really a country girl at heart and my plan is to move BACK out to the country. (I don't relish the thought of driving in the winter, but that's probably the only downfall.)
5. Your blog; Blogger, Blogdrive, Blog-City, or another one altogether?
Blogger; I've tried others and I always came back to this one.
6. Email; Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or other?
Yahoo, Gmail, AND other!
7. Air conditioning or just a fan when it's hot at night?
I don't like a fan blowing on me when I'm sleeping. It gives me back aches, so I'll take the a/c and cover up with blankets. I love to have blankets on me!
8. Dinner; seafood or steak?
I prefer seafood over steak any day.
9. Your all-time favorite music media; CD's, cassette tapes, or vinyl (or 8-tracks)?
CD's now; although at one time I swore I would never give in to the 'CD fad!'
10. When learning a new software program, do you find it easier to follow a book or an online tutorial?
Believe it or not, I learned PSP7 using online tutorials; I spent literally hours and hours, days and days looking for good ones, but I also used a lot of trial and error and discovered things that I couldn't find online. I still like to have a book though for reference.

Now for something a little different that I found at Shirl's type in some text and it generates an image for you; kind of interesting I thought; go check it out!

Y'all have a wonderful weekend! I'm going to enjoy my extended weekend through Tuesday! We leave for the cabin on Sunday afternoon and I'm not even going to think about work until Wednesday!! =)

said    at 1:26 AM

Thursday, July 22, 2004


72 degrees at 8:00 this morning; the high is going to be 90. We finally got my daughter's air conditioner in though a few days ago in preparation for this heat. My air conditioner can cool off the whole house except her room because cold air doesn't seem to turn corners to well. With both air conditioners on, we only have to set them to medium at the most and she's not complaining anymore! I only paid $80.00 for the thing about a month or so ago so I can't complain, and it works like a charm!

Tomorrow is my daughter's last day of Driver's Ed and she will find out if she passed. There's no doubt in my mind and I think she's pretty confident too. They are requiring an original birth certificate in order for the kids to receive their permits though and I don't have one of those. I really don't think we ever had one, so we have to go down to the courthouse and obtain one with the seal on it. Hmmmm....

I must be getting to work now. I did get some sleep last night so I shouldn't come home and sleep for an hour and a half like I did yesterday. I plan to do some visiting of my fave blogs this afternoon. Hope you all have a great day!! =)

said    at 8:38 AM

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Does anyone know why my 'notepad' would just disappear from my hard drive? It's what I use to edit all my websites and all of the sudden I get a message saying 'Cannot find notepad.exe; would you like to open this file using a different program?' Hmmph!

HELP!!!! ME!!!!!

Update (3 hours later...): Dad to the rescue!! I called my dad and told him what my problem was. Of COURSE he had the answer!!! (He's a smart man; most anything I ask him regarding computer problems, he has an answer for.) Ya gotta love Windows XP; you can do a system restore to an earlier date and guess what? Now I have my 'notepad' back!! Can you tell how happy I am?? Thank you, Dad! =)

I think I'm still going to reformat my hard drive, so I'm in the process of backing up all my files (what a job!) It'll be awhile before I'm ready to reformat; hopefully by the weekend. Tonight I plan to catch up on some memes.......Until then, enjoy your evening!

said    at 7:15 PM

Monday, July 19, 2004


Here's a question I should have asked at Monday Madness.......When you want to bring your camera to an event but are not sure if you're allowed to, but then later find out that it's clearly written in the 'rules' that cameras are not allowed, what do you do? Do you bring it along anyway hoping that no one will notice, or are you the 'obedient' type and leave it at home?

Let me tell you why I'm asking this.....Last night (Saturday) we went to see 'Doobie Brothers' in concert at Vet's Park in Bay City. I brought my camera along, but on the way to the concert I noticed on the ticket it said 'NO CAMERAS/CAMCORDERS' or something to that effect. Anyway, it was clear that there was a 'no camera' rule. I really wanted to get some pictures of the band and who knows what else but I didn't want to make the long walk from the vehicle to the entrance, with my camera, only to be told that I had to take the camera back to the car. SO, I left the camera in the car (covered and in an inconspicuous place of course) and walked into the park. I was looking for other people with cameras and didn't notice anyone right away, but a little later in the evening I noticed quite a FEW people had them; most of them small, compact things, but cameras nonetheless. I wanted so bad to walk out of there and get my camera from the car and come back in, but the people at the gate would certainly know I was carrying a camera with me since it's quite large and in a camera bag. I noticed some security guards and police behind where we were sitting and asked them, "Are cameras allowed in here?" Of course they thought I was going to tell on someone who had one and replied, "We don't know; that's up to the people who put this show on. Just keep the peace." I explained to them that I noticed some people here with cameras and I wanted to go get mine and bring it back in and they said, "Well, we've not been told to look for people with cameras, so if they don't stop you at the entrance then I guess you can." Well I never did end up bringing it in. I could have gotten some great shots too. I normally follow rules and always try to do 'the right thing.' But I know now that the next concert I go to at that park (or any other event that has a 'no camera rule') I will walk in with my camera and if they tell me I can't bring it in I will walk it back to the car. If not, I win. There was also a 'no pets' and 'no drink or food' rule. There were people walking in with backpacks full of food and I did see one dog. I really hate to break rules, but sometimes it's best to just 'play dumb.' It won't be the first time I say to someone, "Oops! I'm so sorry; I didn't realize.............." Anyway, the concert was good; well worth attending.

One more week of Driver's Ed for my daughter; she's doing really well. She takes the final written test on Friday and from there she must drive 30 hours with a licensed driver; 20 daylight hours and 10 nighttime hours; within the next 6 months so she can take the 'Segment II' course, which is 6 hours of class time on defensive driving. From there she must drive at least 20 more hours before she can get her driving permit. The teacher told her last Friday that if he could pass her right then and there, he would. He complimented her on her driving skills and told her he was amazed, considering she had absolutely no driving experience before taking the class. (I didn't know you were SUPPOSED to have any experience before the class!!) I'm very proud of her and she is SO glad I didn't let her drop out of the class (as if that was ever an option). She still isn't really looking forward to driving on a regular basis but I think that's a good thing in a way. Besides, she's still only 14. I'd be a bit worried if she was excited about getting out on the road with all those 'crazies' out there. The kid has a good head on her shoulders and so far has proven to be very responsible....let's hope she keeps up that trend!

Just one more thing before I call it a night. I once said that I'd like to create a key on the computer keyboard for changing text that's been written in all caps (which I absolutely hate) to lower case the way it's supposed to be typed....My kid tells me to open up 'Microsoft Word' and type something in all caps; then tells me to click on 'format' and 'change case.' It gives you 5 options; 'sentence case' being one of them. Oh, if I'd only known that when I was working at the school (taking the place of someone who loved that 'caps lock' key) would have saved a lot of time! Makes no difference now but I thought I'd share that info with you in case you ever accidentally have your 'caps lock' key depressed and don't realize it.

I must be going now.......tomorrow I plan to answer some memes. I hope you're getting a good night's rest!!! =)

said    at 12:23 AM

Saturday, July 17, 2004


The following questions are from Random Questions; Random Days........
Land lover or water baby? Oh I love the water! 
How are you keeping your kids busy during this summer vacation? Well, since my kid is 14, she is in charge of keeping herself busy.....but of course we all know how 'fun' that can be! She finds enough things to do though. Hopefully we'll be visiting my parents' cabin at least once this summer. And these past couple of weeks, with Driver's Ed and all, it's not been too difficult. One more week to go!! Yay!
How artistic are you? Depends. I think I'm getting better at drawing things in PSP but I couldn't draw on paper to save my life! Other areas of art; I used to play the flute pretty good, but I haven't really played in a long time so it would take some practice. That's about it.
Sorry about the rant yesterday. Seems I was just having a bad day; but today's looking better! I guess I need to learn how to accept certain things and 'go with the flow' so to speak. There wasn't anything I could do about my car except get it fixed so why spend unnecessary time and energy griping about it, right? There's still more repairs scheduled for this coming week but I've already decided not to let that get me down. Such is life!
Today is Beverly's Birthday!! AND today is Chaos' Birthday too!! Happy Birthday, you two!!
Have a great weekend, all!!! =)

said    at 8:04 AM

Friday, July 16, 2004


Why do I bother looking forward to a 'day off' from work??? My car has been acting up these past few weeks; the brakes seem shaky or something. Whenever I step on the brake pedal my car makes this ugly noise and just recently I could even feel the shaking in the brake pedal, so my step-son was supposed to put new rotors on it but for some reason hasn't gotten around to do it. Well this past week, I wasn't even comfortable driving my car because it was getting worse; the noise and the shaking. We took my car into 'Tuffy' this morning and they said I needed new ball joints; the things at the end of the tie rod I do believe (hey, I don't know if I'm spelling these stupid words right so don't laugh...) We left the car there, did some errands and 2 hours later went back to pick up my car. The guy said that I was lucky I took my car in when I did because my tie rod could have broke right off at any time. Wow. I must have a guradien angel, eh? Well I drive my car home and the stupid thing is doing the same thing it was before they fixed it. We take the car back, they put it back up on the thing to see underneath it (just to see if they really did what they said they did to it) and sure enough, they were telling the truth. SO, I now have a whole new tie rod and both ends are new too but my brakes still need fixing. AND next week I have to get a wheel alignment because if I don't.....well, I really don't know what will happen if I don't; I just know they said I had to. I'll have to get my brakes fixed too next week; I don't want to take the chance that one day I can't stop my car. That'd be fun! Stupid, stupid cars.........and it's only got 51,000 miles on it, which is low for a car that's 5 1/2 years old. Too much city driving probably. The up side is that I have a job and I can pay for it......(Trying to think positive here.) 
So I get home about noon, eat lunch, and at 1:00 I go into work to get caught up on some end-of-the-fiscal year stuff....I discover I don't have my keys to get into the file cabinet (where all the papers that I need are) because I took them out of my car before I left it at 'Tuffy.' I come back home, pick up the keys and go back to work. The boss and one other co-worker is there just chattin' away with me. I didn't go in to chat or visit; I went in to work! An hour later I go over to clean a lady's house (she's got leukemia and is in no condition to clean her own house) and I discover my kid has called me 10 times on my cell phone. No worthwhile message though; just a lecture as to why I don't answer my phone when she calls. I come home (by this time it's 4:00) and she tells me she wants me to take her and her friend to the mall. Now THAT was important! I want to throw my cell phone away. I want to take a nap. I want to just sit here on the computer and draw or set up the website for my church or maybe just go visit some blogs that I haven't visited all week. I'm definitely going to make time to do that tonight.
But the good news is that I laid down to watch the news last night and I fell asleep again. I woke up at 12:20 and I decided to just go right back to sleep until 6:30 this morning. SO, what do you think of that?? Guess I shouldn't need a nap right now, eh?
Well I'm off to take the kid to the mall.........I'll catch up with y'all later! =)
I really didn't come on here to complain but I have just one more thing; I can't check my email. Great.  

said    at 3:53 PM

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Another early day tomorrow; kid has to be to Driver's Ed by 7; yuck! So why am I still awake??? I've been visiting my participants' blogs from Monday Madness and just got carried away I guess. And I didn't even leave a message on all of them! I decided to let my What's On ... Right Now? meme go; just too many other things going on (and other stuff that I really really enjoy doing) but the good news is that I believe I have a person willing to take it over so if you've ever played or ever feel like playing, no need to worry.

I have lots of memes to catch up on this week again. (Where DOES the time go???) You can see the links over to the left. I finally finished the new look for my stamp shop; I have a few things I need to still change but for the most part it's done and it's going to look like that for a while. I might get tired of seeing that one little bear nodding, but no one usually sits there looking at a website for that long, right? Oh, and you may want to check out Lulu's Mood Faces; great job, Lulu!! I've added one under my 'are we moody' list with a link just in case this entry disappears (which it will eventually). And speaking of entries disappearing; does anyone have a clue as to why my archives aren't working?? I've checked the code on my other blog*spot sites and I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Help! I'd better get to bed or I'll never wake up on time so goodnight to you! I hope you're all enjoying! =)

said    at 1:28 AM

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I had every intention of doing some blogging last night but I made the mistake of laying down to watch the 11:00 p.m. news and all I remember is the top story about these people in a town nearby that were upset because they can't do anything to their house without getting permission from the 'board.' (or something like that...) I fell asleep shortly after the news started and didn't wake up until 1:00 a.m. I was wide awake but decided to go right back to sleep. 6:30 this morning, guess what? Up without an alarm! First time for everything!

My daughter is doing really well in Driver's Ed. Let's keep in mind she's only 14 (3 months from being 15), and has had no driving experience at all. The first day she had to drive she was just about in tears when I asked her how things went. Apparantly she ran over a curb and when I asked her how bad, she said, "Well I might have killed someone's flowers." Poor kid! They do their range driving and road driving in no particular order so some of these kids are out on the road before they've done any range driving at all. She begged me to take her out of the class and try to get a refund. I told her I didn't want to do that; she'd end up regretting it. Only a week later now and she's doing a fantastic job! Quick study, that girl!!! She's bound and determined to make a better driver out of me too. She said, "Well somebody has too." Heh!!

Ok, on to some Monday Madness, then I'm outta here! For the following questions, answer T or F........

1. I like my job. True!
2. I find time to 'smell the flowers' so to speak. Not as true as I'd like it to be, but I'm working on this one.
3. I have no problem thinking of things to write about in my blog. False. I have so much to say some days; the question is always 'Do I want to share that here?'
4. 'Organization' is my middle name! I guess I lean more toward that statement being true rather than false, but I could do better.
5. If 'Plan A' doesn't work, there's always a 'Plan B.' True. Makes life a lot easier thinking this way.
6. I adjust easily to new surroundings. Mostly true. I've had my share of adjusting to do and I think I've done quite well so far.
7. I'd rather work 'behind the scenes' than 'in the spotlight.' Depends on the situation. It's not so much a matter of wanting to be in the spotlight; it's just that I enjioy being in charge of certain things and events. But I always have a good group of people on my committee who are welcome to share 'the spotlight' with me.
8. I'm happy where I am, at this point in my life. I think so; yeah, for the most part.
9. I can wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. SO false!!! (Unless I get 7 or so hours of sleep, which is rare.)
10. I can function pretty well on less than 8 hours of sleep. I think I do quite well on 6 hours. Any less though and I'm looking for a couch and a pillow in the middle of the afternoon!

Have a good day, my friends!! =)

said    at 6:49 AM

Sunday, July 11, 2004


I don't even want to tell you how many hours I've spent on this computer in the last 24 hours....but I have plans to change some of my pages around and the first one getting a 'facelift' is my stamp shop, even though I like the way it looks, I'm just ready to change it. This little bear will be sitting proudly on my stamp rack.....(I'm also working on a few more adoptables for you and I'm definitely changing that page's look!)

Happy Sunday evening!!

said    at 6:25 PM

Saturday, July 10, 2004


Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!

said    at 1:18 AM

Thursday, July 08, 2004


First off, I just have to get something off my chest. Did I hear correctly this morning that women are opting for c-sections rather than natural child birth because they would like to 'work it into their schedules????' Work 'it' into their schedules??? (Note: The women who face absolutely no risk in having their child naturally; these are the ones I am in disagreement with.) I know women's roles in society have changed drastically in the past few decades but come on; should we be scheduling our child's birth around our 'busy' lives? I don't think so. I am against it; 100% plus against this ridiculous notion. I also don't believe in messing with nature to be sure we will give birth to the right gender. Am I making any sense here? What's your thoughts? There; I said it and I feel better now....

Are you looking for something fun to do? Why not consider joining either of the following groups.....

~Puffin Friendship Wall~

AND I plan to participate in this one too: 26 Things July 2004
~ Lines ~ Mechanical ~ Stretch ~ Through ~ Bottom ~ Organized ~ Different ~ Far Away ~ Green ~ Mug ~ Dummy ~ At Night ~ Liquid ~ Artificial ~ Out of Reach ~ Switch ~ Relief ~ Blades ~ Missing ~ Underground ~ Historic ~ Button ~ Popular ~ Grand ~ Exotic ~ Delicious

Anybody wanna join me? Got any fun projects or groups you're involved in that you'd like to share here?

said    at 11:59 PM

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


This is going to be one looooong post, so maybe you wanna just skim through it (or not) but please don't just click 'back' because you might just be interested in something I have to say! I've decided to catch up on some memes AND answer a couple of other little quizzies.......Ok, got your favorite beverage with you? And a comfy chair? Here goes!

A through Z Quiz (or something like that)...stolen from sherle's, who stole it from Samantha's, while visiting participants at Photo Time, which by the way, I'm wondering why 100 people can't play along with that photo meme. (Afterall, it's the best one out there! My mom visits nearly every participant's photo blog every single week; where else can you get THAT kind of personal touch???) Here's a challenge to y'all! Play Photo Time this week! It's really fun; the theme is 'sticks & stones' and you have all week to post your picture....uh, what are ya waitin' for??? =)

Act your age?: No way!! Bo-ring!!
Born on what day of the week?: Sunday! (found out here)
Chore you hate?: Cleaning the bathroom (kitchen, living room, bedroom.... ha, ha).
Dad's name?: Franklin
Essential makeup item?: all of mine is essential, but eyes probably most important.
Favorite actor(s)?: Oh I don't know (maybe I'll come back to this one)
Gold or silver?: Gold.
Hometown?: Freeland, MI
Instruments you play?: Flute; yeah, I should probably get that out again and play it.
Job title?: You could call me one of the following...Secretary/Bookkeeper - Receptionist/Bookkeeper (uck!!) - Office Administrator - or whatever, I'm a secretary/bookkeeper at a local parish.
Kids?: Yes; 1 daughter, too many stepkids.
Living arrangements?: Getting a little personal, aren't we? My living arrangements are going to change soon (I think) so I will skip this one for now.
Mum's name?: Shirley
Need?: To learn how to accept things I cannot change.
Overnight hospital stays?: 1 - birth of my daughter (knock on wood!)
Phobias?: Anything that moves too fast too far off the ground (i.e. rollercoasters)
Quote you like?: "Learn what you are and be such."
Religious affiliation?: Yes, Catholic, but I'm very opened minded about other religions too. We all have the same basic belief; and that's what really counts.
Siblings: 5 sisters; 4 older, 1 younger.....does that make me a 'middle child?'
Time you wake up?: During the school year: 6:15 a.m. and non-school year: 6:45 a.m. oh and weekends: 8:00 a.m.
Unique talent?: I don't believe I have any unique talents. BUT, I believe every person is unique in whatever talents they do possess.
Vegetable you refuse to eat?: Oh gosh! Peas, spinach, and cauliflower...probably more that I can't think of too.
Worst habit?: Staying up too late?? There's more but that's the one I'm listing here!
X-rays you've had?: Head, abdominal area, chest, mouth, arm....I think that's all.
Yummy food you make?: Tacos! Enchiladas!
Zoo animal you like?: Panda bears (that we didn't get to see in San Diego) but I really like watching those monkies too!

And now for a little Personality Test that I stole from Insane Faery
Wackiness: 50/100
Rationality: 60/100
Constructiveness: 66/100
Leadership: 28/100
You are an SRCF--Sober Rational Constructive Follower. This makes you a White House staffer. You are a tremendous asset to any employer, cool under pressure, productive, and a great communicator. You feel the need to right wrongs, take up slack, mediate disputes and keep the peace. This comes from a secret fear that business can't go on without you--or worse, that it can.
If you have a weakness, it is your inability to say "no." While your peers respect you, they find it difficult to resist taking advantage of your positive attitude and eagerness to take on work. You depend on a good manager to keep you from sinking under the weight and burning out.

Time for some Monday Madness
1. I usually clean my house on Saturdays, or about every 7 days.
2. My favorite Sunday night program to watch on television is 60 Minutes.
3. Monday morning I usually wake up thinking, "It's morning already???"
4. To wind down at the end of a busy day, I like to do computer stuff.
5. I try not to call anyone on the phone until after 9:00 a.m.
6. And I NEVER call anyone after 11:00 p.m. (except some of my family).
7. When I don't have to get up to go to work or school, I sleep in until 8:00 a.m.
8. I have 2 telephones in my house.
9. I usually answer the phone on the 2nd or 3rd ring.
10. When I know I should be sleeping, but am having a hard time falling asleep, I usually read.

Tuesday Iffers
If you were the Tuesday Iffers admin...what "iffer" would you ask?
(Smart woman, here! Great way to get some input on ideas!) Here's my suggestion...
'If you could buy ANY computer you wanted, with all the bells and whistles and gadgets to go along with it, what would you buy?'

Random Questions for Friday, July 2....
What do you drink to cool off? warm up? get energy? relax?
To cool off: lemonade or ice water
To warm up: hot cocoa
To get energy: coffee
To relax: tea

TV Tuesday
Everyone knows all of us who "stay at home" for one reason or another do nothing but sit and watch TV right? That was a joke, just for the record. Most people get a chance to watch TV at some point during the day and this week we're going to explore your watching habits! This week's topic is daytime TV!
1. Daytime TV: "Gimme my soaps", "Talk shows please", "More of a Game show person", or "Home shows are best!!"
When I am home during the day, rare as it is, I like to watch 'Regis and Kelly' and 'Ellen.' Other than that, you can have daytime tv!
2. One of the latest trends in Daytime TV is re-runs of 80's & 90's hit shows, what is your favorite that's re-running now? If you don't have one which show would you like to see re-running?
I don't really know what's re-running so I'll just pick one I guess. How about 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
3. What's your all time favorite day time show?
If I had to choose a soap-opera (that we used to watch when we were in high school) it would be 'All My Children.' But no daytime tv for me really.
~Bonus~ There's lots of noise about Daytime soaps pushing the limits of what's acceptable on TV, but the soaps claim they're just keeping up with changes in society, so which is it? Are the soaps over the edge? Or has society brought it on itself?
In my opinion, the soaps are over the edge AND society has done this. I also think there are several shows on during 'prime time' at night that are unacceptable for family viewing. And it doesn't stop there, my friend. Society has brought on a lot of things that used to be totally unacceptable that are now considered acceptable. It's a shame. We parents have to be strong and let our kids know that just because something is deemed 'acceptable' by society, it doesn't mean that it is. Let's not lose hold of our values!!

Ok, enough, enough!! Have a grand 'ol evening!!! =)

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Monday, July 05, 2004


A sampling of the fireworks in Saginaw tonight...(click for larger view) Posted by Hello

said    at 12:53 AM


...and another one. I also took some video clips, but don't know how to share those here yet. (again, click for larger view) Posted by Hello

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Sunday, July 04, 2004


Happy 4th of July!

said    at 3:03 PM

Saturday, July 03, 2004


I've been having to click on my fellow bloggers' links more than twice lately in order to view their blogs. Is anyone else having this problem?? Last night I tried to sign in to blog*spot and couldn't. I get a lot of 'Page cannot be displayed' messages. I can't imagine it's because of high traffic; I hope it fixes itself soon.

I believe I'm just about finished with this layout. You may think I'm going to change it after July 4th, but no! It's staying up for the rest of the summer. Speaking of summer, it is 1/3 over; hard to believe. Monday is my daughter's first Driver's Ed. class and she's not really looking forward to it. Apparently they have these kids driving SUV's on the road instead of cars....seems odd to me. The class starts at 8:30 a.m. unless they're scheduled to drive that day; then they have to be to class by 7:30 a.m. She's definitely not looking forward to that! Every morning is a 'holiday' around here when we have to get up early; especially in the summer. Well, we'll get through it...

Any grand plans for the weekend?

said    at 9:51 AM

Friday, July 02, 2004


It's almost done.....(You would never guess what my inspiration for this color scheme was so I'll tell you. The other day as I was signing in to yahoo, one of the ad banners had colors similar to this and I really liked them, so here they are! Lame, eh?) Obviously, some of the stuff here no longer matches so I must fix that real quick, but I have to face 'real life' right now and get some things done around this house. I never DID catch up on my memes as planned; maybe later tonight. I really wanted to get this layout done though first. You KNOW I have my priorities! =)

Oh yeah, I can't believe I forgot to get my July blinkie calendars up after all that confusion with my ftp. I only have 2 made so far (one matches this layout; coincidence?) but I'll promise to make more. So feel free to grab one. Any color preferences for future calendars?? Let me know here in the comments, if you so desire.

I'm off to accomplish some tasks...until later, enjoy your day!!! =)

said    at 1:10 PM

Thursday, July 01, 2004


A long holiday weekend coming up for the good 'ol USA!! Techically, because July 4th falls on a Sunday this year, those in the working class should be allowed to take Monday, July 5th off as a paid holiday. I suppose it depends on where you work, but I know I am fortunate enough to fall into that lucky group of people! You??

I had a horrible day at work yesterday; I'll post more about it later (or maybe not!) I may have just as well stayed home! BUT, today is a new day and I'm all 'fired up' to get all my work done so I won't have to go in tomorrow...*where's my coffee????*

We've been missing Windy's Random Questions these past several days, but not to worry; she is back with us today! Go over and play along won't you? I plan to catch up on a few memes tonight myself! Until then.....Enjoy your day!! =)

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