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Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Two more days and it'll be April 1st! Oh my.....where did March go? Oh yeah, don't forget that Q&A; the photographic interview will begin that day. Sounds like it might be a bit of a challenge but I'll give it a try. How about you? Oh, this Sunday (2 a.m.) is the day to put your clocks ahead! Well, here anyway. Is there daylight savings time other places; and if so, does it happen at a different time than here, or does everyone put their clocks ahead all on the same day? I know I'm showing my ignorance here, but I'd really like to know so please share your knowledge!!

Now for this week's memes (except Photo Time, which I will be posting a photo for soon; theme is 'discarded.')

Monday Madness
1. Describe what you believe is a "good" driver.
One who drives at a reasonable speed depending on the traffic flow, uses blinkers (only when turning!), doesn't drive in the 'fast' lane when going the same speed as the people in the 'slow' lane, doesn't run red lights (I see at least 5 people every morning doing this), pays attention to what is going on around them rather than putting on makeup or searching for a good cd to play (honk, honk), and doesn't slow down to 5-7 miles an hour UNDER the speed limit when they spot a cop nearby. (This one really irks me!)

2. Describe a "bad" driver (your opinion of course).
Ok, Jan wants us to get creative so here goes........A bad driver is someone who is more concerned about what song is playing on the radio than driving, chit-chatting away on a cellphone, not paying the least bit of attention to lights, other drivers, etc., running 10 minutes late for work so weaves in and out of traffic all the way there (GET UP earlier!!!); oh I could go on.........

3. Which category do you fit in? Please back up your answer. Feel free to use examples!
Of course I fall into the 'good driver' category! I only go 5 miles an hour over the speed limit (at the most), I always use my blinkers, stop at lights and stop signs, I don't run red lights, even if I'm in a left-turn lane. The only thing I do that I wouldn't encourage my daughter to do is SOMETIMES rather than slow down at a yellow light, I speed up so I can make it. (Too much information???)

Tuesday Iffers
If you had 25-hour days (while everyone else continued to have 24-hour days), what would you do with the extra time? Why?
I would take this time to do whatever it was I felt like doing without having to feel guilty about not doing what NEEDS to be done. You know how we all have to make sure the house is clean, dishes are done, kids are fed, etc. Sometimes I find it difficult to relax and enjoy if I know there are other things I really should be doing, so this extra hour would give me the opportunity to enjoy without guilt!

TV Tuesday
1. Do you consider yourself a "fan" of reality TV?
Not really because the only show I try to never miss is 'Survivor' and I really enjoy 'Trading Spaces' but other than that, I have no desire to see any more reality shows.

2. What's your "can't miss" reality TV show (or shows)?

3. What reality TV show do you suppose the devil plays on the TV in Hell as punishment?
I'm not that familiar with the reality shows I don't watch, but I'll venture a guess...I don't know what it's called, but I think there's one where two people are supposed to fall in love and get married. I think that is ridiculous.

~Bonus~ If you were given a free ticket to be on any reality show, which one would you choose?
'Trading Spaces' hands down! I would love for one of those designers to come in here and change a room around for me!

Random Questions; Random Days
Tuesday, March 30: Do you have pets? Should they be kept inside or out?
Yes, I have 2 cats; they should be kept inside! Outside cats aren't really 'pets' are they? They just kind of roam wherever and come home when they get hungry.

Monday, March 29: What's your favorite fruit and way to eat it?
It varies; I love bananas, and I eat those plain and not green but not too ripe either. I bought some tangerines the other day and they are so juicy and tangy; yum!! Grapefruits are good too; just peel them like an orange and enjoy!!

said    at 10:52 PM

Sunday, March 28, 2004


As you may have noticed, this past 24 hours my blog was in greyscale (as was my Mom's); in memory of our late Bishop Ken mid February, he was diagnosed with myelodysplasic syndrome; a form of leukemia which prevents the bone marrow from making blood. Treatments began almost immediately.....6 weeks later, to the day of his diagnosis, he passed away. The funeral will be held this Thursday at St. Stephen Parish. I don't know how many people that church can hold, but I'm sure there will be people standing outside. I would be very surprised if they didn't close the Diocese that day and maybe the Catholic schools; we shall see. I think what we need to pray for now is the future of our diocese; and the newly appointed bishop, whoever that may be.

I spent a good portion of today on my computer working on a tutorial for my blinkie calendars. I will post the link just as soon as I finish it. All I ask is that if you use my tutorial to make your own blinkie calendars, please link back to my site. I've had several people ask me if I was planning on writing a tutorial for them, and I finally caved. Why not? If we kept our knowledge to ourselves the world would be a sadder place than it is, don't you think? Anyway, look for it in the next couple of days.....

That's all I have to say. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It's time to post the new questions for Monday Madness now; thanks to Susan, Bryn and Jan for your suggestions!! I will be using them all in the next few weeks! Anybody else have ideas? Feel free to email me. And to all who take the time to play each week, thank you! =)

said    at 9:18 PM

Saturday, March 27, 2004


Our Bishop, Kenneth E. Untener, of the Diocese of Saginaw, passed away early this afternoon; he was 66. May he rest in peace.

May we never take life for granted.

said    at 5:50 PM


I heard this on a commercial last night and I wrote it down because I plan to use it as a response to people who say, "Well we do it this way because that's the way we always did it." Have you ever heard anyone say that to you? I hear it a lot at my place of employment. I've always thought it was the worst reason to do anything; just because they always did it that way? I always want to say back, "Can't you come up with something better than that???" So here is my respons to that statement........'Where would we be if we always did things the way they were done before?' My guess is NOWHERE! The only thing I hate hearing more than that is, "It's not my job." If everyone had that attitude, we'd be in a heap of trouble. Unfortunately I know many people who have said that more than once too. Call me stupid, but my way of looking at that is, if the person whose job it is to do it won't, and it needs to get done, and I am capable of doing it, I will. I have. I will continue to.

I've been playing around with stuff on my computer for the past hour and a half; seems like only minutes. I love Saturday mornings when I don't have to get up and leave my house....just lounge around in my jammies and play on my computer. It seems this is what we look forward to all week. Enjoy your weekend; just wanted to do this short I'm off to play some more! =)

said    at 9:49 AM

Friday, March 26, 2004


I really have to get to bed soon.......I just have a few more things to change/add here; they'll have to wait until tomorrow sometime. Believe it or not, I spent more time on this thing than I anticipated, but I got my little bunny up there peeking over the left-hand column; yay! I got rid of all the text boxes and I'm happy about that for now. SO, I guess as soon as Easter comes and goes I'll have to think about another new look........until then, this is what you'll be looking at. I hope ya all have a great Friday and upcoming weekend. I had planned on doing some memes tonight but the time got away from me........hopefully tomorrow. Oh, just one more thing; was 'Survivor' on this week? And WHERE was I????? Obviously I didn't watch enough television this week to even hear when it was going to be on next so all I can hope is that I didn't miss anything; such is life. Until tomorrow.......sweet dreams! =)

said    at 1:09 AM

Thursday, March 25, 2004


DON'T LOOK!! I'm changing things and I have to go somewhere real quick. (I think I may have messed something up.).........come back! =)

said    at 6:44 PM


The new look will be up late tonight. I finally just decided to put something together and get it up. First of all, spring is not 'on its way' anymore; it is here! The high temp today is supposed to be 65 degrees F!!! Of course I'll be at work so it's not like I'll be outside picnicing, but just the fact that we're out of the 30's is a good feeling! I must rush off to work now, but first I wanted to share a list of movies I intend on watching over the weekend.......have you seen any of them? Let me know your opinions! (I might not get to ALL of them this weekend, but they are on my 'to see' list........)

~Runaway Jury
~Mona Lisa Smile
~Cold Creek Manor
~The Cat in the Hat

said    at 7:58 AM

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Wouldn't you just figure? Not 18 hours ago I added a little snippet of code to my blog so I could see where my visitors are coming from; I even provided you with a link to the place to get the code. I find today that my list is gone so I go to the website where I got the code; 'We are currently not accepting any new members.' So much for that! I found another one's the link. I'm just now going to add the code to my site so I don't know how it works but I'll soon find out; and I'm not sure if you can put this code on as many sites as you want, but I'll let ya know that too.........more later.

UPDATE: The referrer's list is on the left-hand side column way down at the bottom. Apparently the text color for my links is the same color as the background of the box, but if you mouse-over it, you will see the list. It doesn't give numbers, but I don't think that's a concern of mine, so it's staying for now. Loggin' off!! =)

said    at 6:01 PM


I noticed I blog around the same time each day (with a few exceptions); after midnight. (We are such creatures of habit!) It's not intentional; it's just that's the time I feel I can sit here at my computer and down time. It's also the time of the day that I feel the most creative, although I've not had many really creative moments recently. Ya just can't force creativity. And I've been thinking about what I want to do with this site. I know I want to change the look here, but just haven't come up with anything yet. Guess it'll be a few more days before you see any big changes here.

The referrer's site I was using (and some of you might have been using too) is now officially closed. If you're interested, go check out this place. Just a simple code you paste into your blog (and as many other sites as you want); it's that simple.

March is almost over and I'm working on more April blinkie calendars, so I'm off to see how much I can get done. G'night!! =)

said    at 12:30 AM

Sunday, March 21, 2004


I just had to share these pictures with you........her name is Daisy Mae and she is my absolute favorite cat out of the five my parents own. She's always willing to lend a helping hand; whether it be to help my Dad read the newspaper, help clean the house, or in this case, help rearrange it.......isn't she just the cutest??

Inspecting the curio cabinet; or dusting it for us!

And here she is inside the buffet after we took the drawers out.....only seconds earlier.

We took a drive out to Frankenmuth this afternoon because my daughter and her friend wanted to go to 'Bead Haven.' They have every kind of bead imaginable and every color too! Even though our day started with rain, by 1:00 p.m. the sun came out. The wind was fierce, but I'd rather have wind than rain. Spring has begun! I even saw the first sign of flowers blooming; I should have taken a picture of that.

I think it's about time I change this blog around a bit, eh? I'm seeing new looks all over 'blogosphere' these past couple of days, and I'm gettin' the itch! Give me a couple of days or so.........we shall see what I can come up with. Meanwhile, please put up with my pink for a little while longer, and Happy First Day of Spring!!! =)

said    at 12:16 AM

Thursday, March 18, 2004


There's a new photo project that will begin on Thursday, April 1st if anyone is interested........It's called Q&A; the photographic interview. 20 questions will be asked; you answer in soon as you are finished, post your link. Thanks, Feli, for letting us know!

Are you up for a little geography quiz?? Found it at Phyllis' blog. I'd love to know how you did!

Since I wasn't home last night I taped 'Survivor' and planned on watching it tonight. I went through the whole day without hearing a word about who got voted off...........until 15 minutes before I was going to sit down and watch the show. I had the tv on and I overheard who it was; I still watched the tape even though I knew how it was going to end. I'm SO glad that's the only reality show I'm addicted to! I'd still love to see Boston Rob off next. He doesn't like Rupert and he's arrogant.

Oh yeah; I've been going around the 'blogosphere' saving buttons! If you have a button for your blog, let me know so I can add you to my blogalicious buttons page!!

Have fun with the quiz and please, share your results! =)

said    at 10:59 PM


Hope y'all enjoyed your St. Patrick's Day....I was busy. I was down to a friend's house to help her set up for her annual party, stayed for the party, then helped clean up afterwards; home around midnight. I taped 'Survivor' last night at her house because I had forgotten it was on Wednesday this week. But thanks to my Mom, I won't miss this week's episode. I'll have to watch it tonight when I get home from work. I usually put the tv on in the kitchen every morning while I'm getting ready for work but not today; I knew they'd be announcing the name of the person that got voted off, so I just left it off.

Well it's off to work I go! Have a great Thursday!! Also, tonight I will be posting my picture for this week's theme at Photo Time; 'golden.' Have you posted a picture yet??

said    at 7:56 AM

Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Time for some Monday Madness!!

1. What is your solution for cabin fever - you know that feeling of being penned in the house all winter?
If I've been home for a couple of days without leaving the house (which doesn't happen very often), I just ask my kid if she wants to go somewhere and we'll go to some of my favorite stores (not the mall!) and window shop. But usually I'm ok with being at home. There's lots to do here!!

2. Who are the people in your your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood.....?
Lots of young people with young children....and dogs. Lots of dogs; barking dogs! And screaming children! Why is it that when we were kids children didn't scream the way they do now??? We could play and have fun without screaming. I really don't 'know' any of my neighbors except my landlord and family who live right down the street. I guess for the most part people are pretty decent around here.

3. What's the best thing about spring?
Oooh. All the blooming flowers, trees, grass, all the new life you see around you. (I think my mood changes in the spring too; after what seems like 9 months of winter!!)

4. Any Easter traditions?
I usually go to the Easter Vigil service on Saturday evening and on Easter, go visit my parents. Usually most of the siblings and families are there too. We have a wonderful meal and just enjoy each others' company.

5. How old were you believing in the Easter bunny?
I'm guessing maybe 8.....if memory serves me.

Now for a bit of Random Questions!!

Monday, March 15: How "Irish" are you on St. Patrick's Day?
Well, I wear green! I don't drink green beer or sing Irish songs, but I'll get in on the wearing green tradition! Hey, why not?

Tuesday, March 16: I remember as a child I used to think 30 was old. Well, now that I'm 47, I don't even think 50 is old! How old is old anyway?
'Old' is relative. When I was a kid I thought 30 was old too, but not any more!! I still believe that you're as young as you feel though!

And now for a new meme, TV Tuesday!!

1. What is your favorite "Classic" TV show?
Gilligan's Island (At least that's one I can think of that as kids we used to play.)

2. What character from a "Classic" TV show would you like to be?
Well, I used to think it would be cool to be 'Ginger' on Gilligan's Island, but now I think it would have been cool to be the mother on Leave It to Beaver. (Don't ask me why........)

3. On which "Classic" TV Show would you have loved to have a walk-on role?
I would have loved to walk on as the 7th kid on Brady Bunch.....I think that would have thrown things off a bit!

~Bonus~ Can you remember a line you liked from a "Classic" TV show?
Oh my....not at the moment; if I think of one, I will certainly post it!

Please forgive me for not visiting all you wonderful people that participated in Monday Madness this week yet; I'm working on a little project for my boss........but I will go visiting tomorrow!!! =)

said    at 11:38 PM


Found this at wild fl0w3r's blog....(I will do MM and RQRD tomorow! Oh, and TV Tuesday, Tuesday Iffers, and Phototime!! Bedtime!!!)


is a Giant Moth that can Leap Great Distances and Generate Electricity, cowers from Fire, and has Staring Red Eyes.

Strength: 2 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 6

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat otto, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights otto using

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Sunday, March 14, 2004


It seems there is a lot of direct linking of people's images going on.......some even claim they aren't aware that there is anything wrong with it. Maybe it's because they don't really understand the whole concept of bandwidth. I've just grabbed the button off this place to place on my site. It gives a very detailed explanation of what bandwidth stealing is. BUT, there IS something you can do to prevent others from direct linking to your images if you have your own domain. Go here and click on 'Where can I find more information?' It's very simple really; if I can do it, so can you! Just follow the instructions on how to add a '.htaccess' file to the folder(s) where you keep your images. There's also other ways to prevent direct linking, but I found this one to be the easiest to understand.

Oh, if you don't have a place to upload images that you can direct link to, Friday's Child has a list of FREE image hosting sites on her blog, about 2/3 of the way down on the left-hand side.

'Tis the end of the weekend again.......and I have my new page almost ready to go up! I'll share the link with you just as soon as it's done. And if you'd like me to add your button to my new 'blogalicious buttons' page, please feel free to email me, and I'll be glad to add your button (88 x 31 pixels) to my page. Don't have a button? We'll figure something out.....enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! =)

said    at 10:50 PM

Friday, March 12, 2004


Found at Bryn's.......


said    at 2:29 PM

Thursday, March 11, 2004


This is for my Mom.........she is celebrating her birthday today. Send some special wishes her way!

It's here again; your special day,
and this is what I have to say...

Though it may be short and sweet,
I hope you enjoy your 'birthday treat.'

said    at 12:54 AM

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I'm going to make a new page that will be linked here at my blog; somewhere that you can all see it because you know what it's going to be?? I haven't really thought of a name for it, but it will have fellow bloggees' buttons on it with links to their blogs. Yes I know we have 'blogrolling' and I have text links to my regular reads, but I just thought this would be a different way to display more of them, and they will reside on a page all their own. Oooh, this is going to be fun to create!! It'll be similar to the friendship wall and the stamp shop I have already, only it will be blog friends and family. Any suggestions on a name? I've got a couple in mind but I am open to suggestions. I'm hoping to have this page started at least by the weekend. The buttons I will be adding will be 88 x 31 pixels; which reminds me, I have to make one for my own blog! (Going to do that right now!) Keep in touch!! =)

said    at 11:21 PM


Here is this week's Monday Madness; thought I'd try something a little different this week.

*Ok, using the letters in YOUR name, list words to describe yourself.
Noramlly Nice
Interesting (???)

*And as a bonus question, using the same letters, make a list of things you would like to do before this calendar year is over.
Notice more beauty around me
Always remember that patience is a virtue; and work on having more of it
Try new recipes on a regular basis
Act on my resolutions I made at the beginning of the year
Learn new programs

I may have to finish this one up tomorrow! This was definitely not easy!! Goodnight, my friends!! =)

said    at 12:52 AM

Monday, March 08, 2004


You can adopt your own 'blog angel' here. Now it's off to bed for me!! =)

said    at 1:00 AM

Saturday, March 06, 2004


I did finally post my photo for Photo Time, and I loaded a couple of programs on my computer. I only hesitated to do that before because I know myself well enough to know that once I have a new program on my computer I'm going to want to spend hours trying to figure it out. I didn't spend hours today on the computer because I had other tasks to tend to; tomorrow is a new day though and besided my meeting after church, I have no plans. There's a good possibility that I'll be sitting here for a good portion of the afternoon. I've made a couple new blinkies, updated my stamp shop, added a few patches to my friendship wall, and drew a new blinkie rack. Now I'm going to try to draw something new. Do you find that you are more creative at a certain time of the day? I'm off to do some pixel drawing!

said    at 11:38 PM

Friday, March 05, 2004


Tomorrow (rather today) is Friday! Any interesting plans? I plan to get my photo up for Photo Time; this week's theme is 'glass.' I still have so much to learn about my camera; so many features that I haven't used yet. I also have some programs I've been meaning to install on my computer. I think I'll actually have make some time to do that this weekend as well. Other than that, no big plans for me. I LOVE having no obligations on the weekends. Well I do have a meeting at church on Sunday; our card party is in May and I've decided to chair it this year so I'm anxious to see how that meeting will go, as I'm sure the former chairperson will be there hoping we will make no changes. I already know of at least two changes I'm going to suggest; one being NO LIMIT on FOOD!!! Come up for seconds!!! And the other being TICKETS on SALE in ADVANCE!!! I am quite confident that if we do this we will sell more tickets. Oh, and the other thing is the 'table prizes.' We're hoping that everyone at the meeting will be open to making cookies/soups in a jar; no more stuff that people take home and throw away after 2 weeks. I used to take those things home, take the thing apart and use the parts for other things.........well everyone has different tastes. We'll see how it goes.

And now for Lulu's Lines;
I can't think........ of what to do with my blog next. I will definitely be changing the look of it soon, but have no idea what the theme will be based on. I kind of cheated on this one; I took my Valentine's Day theme and just changed a few things to make it a Spring theme. I thought about putting something up for St. Patrick's Day, but that's only a couple of weeks away and I would have to change it almost immediatley afterwards. Too much work for me. I'm sure some idea will come to mind soon; you'll know it when it happens!!

And one more for the road.....Random Questions; Random Days;
Today is the birthdate of Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss! Just about everyone grew up with stories by Dr. Seuss, what's your favorite?
I want to say my favorite is "Green Eggs and Ham" but I also like "Sam I Am" (oooh! That might be my favorite!) Oh, and then there's "One Fish, Two Fish"; oh I could go on! Dr. Seuss rocks!!! We grew up on those books and I'll bet my parents had every single one memorized; reading them to us six kids. Excellent books to teach your kids to read with!

I mailed my tax forms today; yup, I spent a couple hours doing them last night and they're in the mail! Oh, and my kid will be taking driver's ed this summer (so filled out the registration for that.) (What happened to the days when you could take driver's ed at your school and it was free???) She made the deadline birthdate by 9 days. Needless to say, she is more excited than I am about this.......what happened to my little girl???? *sad face* Have a wonderful, wonderful Friday!!! =)

said    at 12:52 AM

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


As promised.........Monday Madness..............
'How many hours do you spend per week doing the following things?'
1. Watching television...maybe 10; sometimes more or less

2. Sitting at the computer...since my job requires a lot of computer time, I'd say 5 per day there, plus another 2-3 per day at home; again, sometimes more, sometimes less; oh, so a total of 35

3. Reading a book...I've been trying to read one hour per day and I've actually succeeded in reading about 5 hours per week

4. House work...sometimes too many; sometimes not enough. I'd have to say on an average, about 10 (this includes dishes, general pick-up, hanging and ironing and folding clothes, etc.)

5. Cooking...Definitely not enough. Cooking is not one of my best talents, but I do try to make sure we eat one good meal a day, so I will have to say 7 hours a week.

6. Eating...Unless I'm home, I eat while I'm working so it's hard to pinpoint, but I'm guessing 7.

7. Driving...10 I think.

8. Working outside of your home...Definitely more than I'd like; I think 50 a week is pretty accurate.

9. Blogging...Actual blogging, probably only 3 hours a week; but blog surfing, much more!

10. Sleeping...Not as many as I should if you're basing a good night's sleep on 8 hours; I'd have to say about 35.

Another day, another dollar........anything exciting happening in YOUR life???

said    at 12:30 AM

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Maybe it's the weather; rain, rain, rain. No, not complaining; just stating facts. My head is a little stuffed up today, but I'm heading into work tomorrow. I was off today because I planned a vacation day. Guess what I did? I went to see 'The Passion of the Christ.' Before I tell you what I thought of the movie, I just want to ask you to respect my opinion. Yes, I am Catholic and my faith is strong. (Just wanted to get that out in case you wanted to ask...) Now the main reason why I went to see this movie today is because my 14 year old daughter is seeing it Wednesday and I wanted to be able to disuss it with her afterwards. I've only heard people tell others that they highly recommend this movie and some (or probably most) have said it has deepened their faith. Some have said they have walked away a different person. Here are my thoughts........First of all, it is very graphic. They don't just let you hear the beatings Jesus took; they actually show it. I did have a hard time looking at that; matter of fact, I turned away several times. They show Jesus carrying the cross that he would be nailed to, for what seems like miles. I don't know how he was even able to stand, let alone carry a cross that must have weighed a ton, but he did. Mary is there watching, and as a mother, I can't even imagine watching my child suffer through something like that, but she wanted him to know she was there for him. I'm sure I would have done the same. I have heard this story every year for as long as I can remember, and I never took it lightly. I know what Jesus did for us; but I did not need to see it to deepen my faith or to confirm my faith, or to appreciate the fact that he gave his life for us. I walked out of the movie this afternoon thinking, 'I didn't need to see him suffer, nailed to the cross, and die. I think anyone who has questioned their faith, or is not aware of what the Passion is about, yes, go see the movie. It's for those who don't know.' No one, because we weren't there at the time, knows what he went through, but I believe what we read, so I believe it is a true representation of his suffering. It is the ultimate sacrifice; giving your life so that others can have eternal life. Lent is a time for reflection, for sacrifice, Holy Week is a very somber time for Catholics. On Easter we rejoice his Resurrection. I won't sit here and tell you to see the movie or not, but personally, I could have done without seeing it. I walked away just as much a believer as always, my faith just as strong. I know now that I made the right decision for my daughter to go see the movie; she WILL be able to handle it. Her faith is strong and she is a very much aware of what to expect; not because of my review, but because she has heard (and read) it for herself. There was never a question in my mind as to what Jesus sacrificed for us.

I will be doing Monday Madness tomorrow......

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