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Friday, August 29, 2003


Cool, eh?

Stole it from Mandarin Design Daily. Go have a look at their site; it's got all kinds of interesting info for the blogger in YOU!

Going to the parents' cabin tomorrow! It's supposed to be cold; guess I'll bring sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts. That won't prevent US from having fun though! Have a safe and enjoyable weekend everyone!

said    at 11:13 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2003


As promised; Lulu's Lines..........and I WANT to do it! Here is this week's trigger that I've chosen to do:
I held on to..........................the thought that it would be worth keeping my job at the church that currently employs me. A few years ago I actually quit my job at St. John's (where I am currently employed) to work for the school that my daughter used to attend. At the time, I was employed at the school as well, but not full time. Both jobs put together, I was working 10 hours a day; 5 hours in the office (at the church) and 5 hours cleaning (at the school.) The school then needed a secretary, so they offered me the position. Of course it didn't take me long (about a second) to accept. BUT they wanted me to continue cleaning too. (This would mean I would have to give up my job at the other place.) It took a lot of thought on my part to make a decision. I talked it over with my boss at the church and she was very understanding. I thought at the time, it may be easier for me to just work at one place, so I accepted the offer from the school; reluctantly quit my office job at the church, and for 5 hours out of the day I worked in the school office, and the last 5 hours, I cleaned. I couldn't stop thinking about the decision I had made and wondered if it was the right one. For six weeks this went on (and I did keep in contact with my 'former' boss at the church all this while). I finally couldn't take it anymore. WHY was I spending half my day in the office (the part of the job I enjoyed) and the other half cleaning (which I hated!)??? I met with my 'former' boss at the church and she told me she hadn't hired anyone to replace me; she was kind of giving me some time to see if this situation was going to be a 'good fit' for me. At my surprise, she offered me my job back at the office there and was even willing to change the office hours to accomodate my other office job. I was thrilled! Until..........I tried to give my two weeks' notice at the school. I spent an hour in a meeting with the principal and the pastor trying to quit my cleaning job, explaining to them that the two office jobs would be exactly what I was hoping for all along. I got very negative feedback from the pastor. (and him, an example to all Christians??) I was accused of turning my back on them; nonetheless, I quit my cleaning job and kept the office part of my job there. To make a long story short (well, shorter), the school has since closed, I now work almost full time at the church I went back to; added bookkeeping to my position and was asked to take on the bookkeeping for the church affiliated with the school (that closed), and I am happy. I know I will never get rich working for this (or any other) church, but I love what I do and isn't that what really counts?? God does work in mysterious ways! I have a different boss now; you know, the pastoral administrators (just like the priests) are limited to 9 years at one place. My current boss is great too; she appreciates me and the work I do. THAT, my friend, is what counts!

Thanks, Lulu for the trigger this week!

said    at 11:57 PM

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I've completed my first 'to do' list and I've written another one; this one will take me longer to complete. And I'm not so motivated to do some of the things on it either. I've added a couple of birthday blinkies to my blinkie site in case you ever need a birthday blinkie. I guess I'm hooked on making those darn things! Remember, all the new ones will be added to that page, so keep that in mind when you're looking for new stuff from me. Yes, the long weekend is coming up; I'm glad about that, but I have so much to do before Friday; not sure how it's all going to get done. Maybe if I would get my body off this chair and do some of it? I ironed last night; big feat for me lately since I just haven't been 'in the mood' to iron; I mean, who ever is??? The head of the finance department came over to my workplace today to help me with a few things and while he was there, I took advantage of his presence. We closed out July and I have been doing everything right in this new accounting software!! Yay me! That may not sound like a big accomplishment to you, but for one who hasn't had any accounting or bookkeeping experience until I took on this job, it's a wonderful feeling for me. The funny thing is that when I was a kid, wondering what I was going to major in in college, my Dad offered a suggestion: Accounting! It took me two semesters to complete a one semester course. At that time I thought I would NEVER want to have anything to do with it. It's funny how things turn out, eh? I was always good in Math and I loved working with numbers, just couldn't grasp the concept needed for bookkeeping. I'm SO glad I was offered this position and so glad I wasn't scared to learn the new program. It's been a definite PLUS as far as my job goes. I guess I could cheat and calll this my entry for What's On ..... Right Now?, because the question this week is "What's On your mind Right Now? That's what's on my is good!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003


said    at 7:25 AM

Monday, August 25, 2003


To all of you who took a guess at my little 'lying' game: Now comes the unveiling of the truth!

1. This story is TRUE! I know mice do not 'blow' in with leaves, but I didn't say the leaves had all JUST blown in as I opened the door that moment.........the mouse must have been laying there already. Yes, a true story it is.

2. This story is NOT TRUE! I would NEVER use an old bulletin and try to pass it off as a cuurent one. I would take the darned thing home and finish it before I'd try to get away with something like that. (Not a bad idea though, eh?) he, he.

3. This story is also TRUE! I did talk my way out of a ticket without trying. I don't act dumb (on purpose) as a rule. And believe me, it made a bigger difference in my life than you could only imagine!

The voting went like this:
1. 6
2. 9
3. 4

Thanks for playing along with me. Nine of you guessed story #2 to be false; you were right! But hey, if you didn't guess #2 (even if you ARE family), I won't hold it against you!!

said    at 3:59 PM


There will be a lot of blog surfin' going on today! It'll be interesting to see how we did on our voting for Obfuscation: The Blog Game. Stay tuned to find out MY truth! You may be seeing some changes here in the near future.........I'll keep ya posted! Gotta go get my kid to school (first day of high school!) and start my work day!

P.S. Update on the school situation: We're going to keep positive attitudes and try this school (the original one chosen) and see how things go. And like some of you mentioned, going to a new school can be a bit scary at first; not to mention it's her first year in high school. Thanks to all who offered words of encouragement regarding this subject. It means a lot!

said    at 7:12 AM

Sunday, August 24, 2003


If you want to guess at my false story, look at the entry below this. Have you heard about Connect 8?? I found the link over at Shirl's blog. Go check it out! It sounds like it might be fun. Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my previous entry.........I've read some really great stories in my blog travelin' and through this little game, have found some pretty nice blogs! I must go buy the kid some school clothes now! Will return later; oh, and don't forget to check back sometime Monday afternoon/evening for the revealing of the truth!

said    at 10:47 AM

Friday, August 22, 2003


Today is the day for Obfuscation: The Blog's how it works: On Friday, August 22nd, the participants post 3 stories; two true and one false.

Readers (that's YOU!) have to pick the false story, leaving your guess in the comments.

On Monday, August 25th, I will post the correct response.

Please play along! It will be interesting to see how you vote!! And don't forget to come back Monday to check the answer!

Story 1
It was Fall and I was cleaning house. The leaves always blew inside the front door when it was windy, and this particular day there was a 'build up' of them. So as to not plug up the vacuum cleaner, I proceeded to pick the leaves up by hand. I almost had a heart attack when I realized that one of the "leaves" was not a leaf at all, but a MOUSE! A dead mouse!!!

Story 2
I was so busy one week at work that I didn't have time to type up the bulletin. I work four days a week and sometimes I find it's difficult to get all my work done. 99% of the time, I put myself in 'third gear' and get it done. Well, this particular week, there was just no way I could get everything finished up on time, so I took the previous week's bulletin, copied the articles, arranged them in a different order in the current bulletin, and made the necessary copies. The funny thing (or is it?) is that NO ONE noticed!!! Not even my boss!!

Story 3
I once talked my way out of a speeding ticket without even knowing it. I was driving to work one morning, running late as usual. I was almost there, when behind me, I saw the dreaded flashing lights.........I pulled over, very nervous I may add, and the police officer asked me for my license and registration. My license had expired and I guess I forgot to put my registration in the glove compartment because I couldn't find that either. I acted like I didn't know that my license was expired and I couldn't BELIEVE my registration wasn't in the car. Apparently the police officer was in a hurry, because he told me which direction he was driving off in and said he didn't want to see me on the road. I took off in the opposite direction and made a mental note to get my license renewed the first chance I got.

Please read the stories, decide which one YOU think is NOT true. Leave your answer in my comments. Monday afternoon I will let you know which story is false. Have a great day everyone!

Other players are:

Go check out a complete list of players here. Now I'm going to post my photo for this week's Photo Time. You can view THAT here.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003


To add to my "joy" today, I find 10 emails in my INBOX with huge attachments; none of the email addresses are familiar to me, my mailbox is using 104% of its space, and I start deleting them, find an email that says there was a virus in one of them; and as I'm deleting them and emptying my trash folder, 2 more are sent to me! All of them have attachments with them; big this the latest 'stupid people' trick out there now? WHY?????? Hey, stupid people! Get a life!!!! Going to bed now......................(glad to get rid of me today, aren't ya?)

Don't forget about the fun we're going to have on Friday! It's called Obfuscation: the blog game........Join Granni and me as we play along!! Come on! It'll be fun! There's a couple of ways you can get involved, so please go visit the site to read what it's all about. Really going to bed now.................

said    at 1:24 AM

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


This week at Lulu's Lines..............I'm doing just 'trigger one'

This morning as I woke up I thought.................about the only thing I've been thinking about since my daughter brought it up yesterday. She is feeling uncomfortable about going to the school we enrolled her in. Why? Good question; I wish I knew! What I do know is that I have to get to the root of this issue and fast! School starts next Monday. Why haven't we talked about it at great length yet? Either I've been gone or she's been gone. I told her what I'd like her to do is think about the pro's and con's for going to the school she's enrolled in; I encouraged her to write it down, sometimes it's easier to make sense out of when we write things on paper. I need more information! I plan to attend the parent orientation this evening and she'll be attending the freshman orientation on Friday. Other thoughts that come to mind when I think about this: Why do kids find it so hard to be open with their parents; even when the parent keeps an open line of communication and the kid is well aware of it? Is this just the beginning of the 'teenage years syndrome' I have to look forward to for the next four years? Why can't things be just a little easier to deal with? Why is this happening; and why now??

I'd hoped to have written something positive but it wouldn't have been a true representation of what was really on my mind.........sorry!

I was just at Colleen's Den and clicked on her link to 'blog of the week' and guess what I found? My blog is one on the list! That actually got me thinking about my blog and my writing.........nothing too profound here to read; just my daily thoughts and happenings. Thanks for adding my blog to the list anyway! Gotta go to the orientation now. Hope I didn't dull your day too much!

said    at 6:27 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Hey, thanks to Granni, Windy, Bryn, Lulu, Jan, Colleen, and Nancy, for reading the 'vacation synopsis' .............. if you wanna call it that! I know it's a lot of reading and I really tried to keep it short and sweet.........If you wanna read all about my vacation and view the photos, just look for my August 18 entry. It'll be there awhile; I set my number to show 10 days. I've been crossing stuff off my 'to do' list right and left!! I even added a couple of things to it today and I think I can already cross them off too! I LOVE 'to do' lists!! They make me get things done! I have one more thing to do before I call it a night; then it is 'Goodnight Irene.'

said    at 1:23 AM

Monday, August 18, 2003


For anyone who wants to know about our vacation, get your reading glasses; grab a soda, sit back and relax. When you're finished reading, please click on my link at the bottom of this entry. I've uploaded 59 pictures for your viewing pleasure!

8-5-03: 5:00 a.m. On our way to MBS International Airport; flight leaves at 7:00 a.m. We're very excited and don't have time to think about not getting much sleep the night before. Considering I've never flown before, I'm a bit nervous as well. The plane takes off right on schedule and the flight from MBS to Detroit wasn't that bad at all! Now comes the 5 hour flight from Detroit to San Diego.........I had no problems with this one either; just popping ears and a bit of a sore throat. We land in San Diego 6 minutes early (11:00 a.m. San Diego time, which is 3 hours earlier than Michigan); an hour later, we have our luggage! My sister is there to greet us and I can't stop looking at everything around me. It's all so new and different! Had a great lunch and proceeded to get settled in at my sister's, where we'll be staying for the next 8 days. Fell asleep at 9:30 p.m. (VERY early for me!)

8-6-03: Woke up at 6 a.m. and got ready to start the day. Hit the road around 11:00 to San Diego Zoo. This place is awesome! SO many animals; and I couldn't believe how close you could get to most of them. I got some really great pictures of some of them! My 3 wonderful companions decided to talk me into taking the sky-tram ride. I did NOT want to! Oh what smooth talkers they can be; before I knew it, I was climbing into one of the 'cars.' I hung onto the pole and the rail the whole way, but made my sister take pictures because I was too chicken! When I got off that ride, I was so glad they talked me into it. Oh, what a beautiful view of the zoo!! Had dinner at the restaurant there and headed home to rest up for the next day.

8-7-03: My daughter and I woke up early and my sister dropped us off at Balboa Park, where we bought tickets for the 'Old Towne Trolley Tour.' This trolley takes you through a good portion of San Diego, makes 8 stops, and you can choose to get off at any or all of the stops, spend as much time as you'd like, and hop on another trolley (which comes by every half hour) to continue the tour. It was a great way to see the city! We spent some time at Old Towne, the cruise terminal, Horton Plaza, and Coronado, where my daughter fulfilled her dream of sampling sushi at one of the Asian restaurants in town.

8-8-03: Back to Balboa Park today; but this time to visit some of the many museums they have right there at the park. We went to the Science Center, saw the IMAX theatre (watched a movie called 'Bugs'), had lunch, enjoyed the beauty, and called it an early day. We ordered a movie that night and just took it easy.

8-9-03: I was bound and determined to get my California sunset shot today, so we decided we'd spend some time at Old Towne, where we had a nice Mexican lunch and did some site-seeing and window shopping, and then make our way to La Jolla for the evening. Oh, my daughter wanted to get another hole in her ear while we were in California, so we took care of that first. We both ended up doing it; just one ear each. It was fun. I got my sunset shot in La Jolla and we went to Starbuck's for a cappucino; another great day!

8-10-03: Visited Sea World! That place is beautiful! We saw every show there was to see! You just have to see it in person; it's truly amazing! My sister's friend insisted we all play some games to win her a stuffed animal, so we found one; the 4 of us sat down, and lo and behold! We were the only ones playing! That meant that one of us was sure to win! My kid won that game and walked away with a nice sized stuffed dolphin. We didn't stop until we all had a stuffed animal of our own to take home. No, we didn't spend a lot of money; see, if there was 2 or 3 people playing, one of them was guaranteed a prize. Our timing was just right and it didn't take any time at all to reach our goal. At the end of the day, we decided to take the sky-tram ride; only this time, I took some pictures myself! Another thing my daughter really wanted to do while we were in San Diego was visit a Hard Rock Cafe restaurant. We did just that; ordered an appetizer, bought t-shirts, and went home.

8-11-03: Gift shops! Gotta shop the gift shops! We did just that; went back to La Jolla and bought souveniers to take home. And guess what? There was a Hard Rock Cafe in La Jolla too. We were starving, so we decided to have lunch there. My sister (gotta love her) suggested to my daughter that she start a 'Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt collection.' Thanks Sis!! So guess what I did? I caved and I bought us both a shirt. We left there, did a little more shopping and we were on our way home at 5:00. That evening, our last there, we thought it would be nice to just kind of take it easy so we ordered a movie and a pizza, chilled out, and relaxed.

8-12-03: Up at 7, on the road at 10, on the plane at 12:40 CA time. My, how time flies! Our plane got to Detroit about 20 minutes late, which gave us just enough time to catch the 'train' to our gate and board our plane to MBS. We made it home safe! This vacation was filled with 'first time' experiences for me and my daughter. I'm so glad to have flown, to see the other side of the country, and to have visited my sister and her friend for a week. It was a great time; one we will always remember.

Now, if you'd like to see the 59 photos I selected to share, you may click here. Remember, I took hundreds; I chose 59. My Dad (digital camera fanatic that he his) told me before we left for vacation, "There's no reason why you shouldn't come home with 1500 photos. That's only 200 a day." I fell short of this number by quite a bit, but I'm happy to have the memories and the 700+ photos that I did take! Dad, I'll try harder next time!!

Sorry, that's about as brief as I know how to be; hope you at least skimmed through it!

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Sunday, August 17, 2003


Guess what I found at Granni's blog?? Go over there and find out! It's a game that we're going to participate in.............that's all I'm gonna say. I just want to share my horoscope (from my little desk calendar) with you today. Get a load of this! "This moving target stuff is getting out of hand. Instead of starting even one more new thing, occupy yourself by completing the many tasks you began but somehow abandoned before there was a chance to finsh them." I'm trying! I'm trying!! (Check out my 'to do' list way down in the right-hand column.)

said    at 12:01 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2003


Just returned from Ojibway Island, where the 'Relay for Life' is taking place this weekend. Last year, when I was a member of the Lion's Club (is it club?), my sister and I suggested we form a 'Relay for Life' team to raise money for the American Cancer Society. No one seemed too interested, so the idea fell into the trash (for lack of a better word.) This year, the church that I work for formed a team and they were out there walking the Island and selling s'mores and hobo sandwiches as their way to raise money. It starts at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday and goes through Sunday at 12:00 p.m. (I think.) The teams stay overnight at the Island and at least one member from the team has to be walking at all times. I thought it sounded like a good way to support a good cause; maybe next year I'll get on a team. Tonight we went out just to check things out. It was a good little walk anyway. I've been gone most of the day today and I had SO many things on my agenda...........well, there's always tomorrow. We're going to watch "Final Destination II" later; maybe after that, I'll start putting my vacation synopsis together, before too much time passes. Yeah, that's what I'll do. This reminds me; I cannot upload pictures to pbase because they are currently experiencing problems on the data server and promise to be back up shortly. Figures, eh? Well, there are other options. Ok, gonna go now; be back soon to do the vacation blog!

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Thursday, August 14, 2003


I have completed the questions from Random Questions for the past 8 days on my other blog; where I usually just post answers to memes....................How do I cross out something on my 'to do' list? Anybody know the code? I'm feeling a bit lazy right now so I just want people to tell me how to do it, please? If not, I'll have to go find out on my own. So leave me a comment and let me know, ok?

said    at 8:02 PM


I'm adding a 'to do' list on my blog; over there to the bottom right. I kind of stole this idea from Bryn, since she's been working with Flash; I noticed she usually has a list of 'projects for the week.' This prompted me to add a 'to do' list. Plus, I'm aware that when we share with other people (namely, my fellow bloggers) what our goals are, we tend to have a greater desire to accomplish them. Why? Don't know. My personal desire is great enough, but if I share them with you, I will be more apt to obtain them. So, from here on out, you will be able to check out my 'to do' list and see if I've completed what I set out to do each week. THIS week I will add them here as well. If you've been reading my blog for the past few weeks, you're aware that I just returned from vacation; a very nice one, I may add; and I'm back to my daily bloggin' routine. Enough rambling, eh? Here is my list of things I plan to work on over the coming weekend:
~make more blinkies
~make more blog signs
~add to/update some of my other sites
~respond to a couple of comments
~make my puffins quilt square and site
~upload pics from vacation
~blog (brief synopsis) about vacation
~catch up on other memes (random questions being one)
~change my poll

I guess I better stop there. This, of course, is just a list of things I'd like to accomplish regarding my websites, etc. I don't need to bore you with my other personal goals; the weekend lasts only 2 days, right? Bummer! Can you tell I've missed my blog? I'm such a blog geek; I admit.........anyway, good to be back! Hope you feel the same! Oh, check out my blogroll list. Pretty cool, eh? And while you're there, click on a link or two; they're really worth checking out! There's something for everyone.............

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Time to catch up on some of the memes I've been missing since I was on vacation! First is Lulu's Lines, and here 'tis!
TRIGGER 1::: One thing that really annoys me................ is all the people who daydream while driving! Watch the lights! Watch the traffic! Be aware! (Kind of scary!)

TRIGGER 2::: I feel most at peace when........... I'm done working for the week and I've accomplished all I wanted to, when my bills are all paid, my house is clean, and I have no heavy burdens resting on my shoulders.

Next, I'll answer this week's Monday Madness................
1. What is the longest road trip you've ever taken?
The trip to Georgia two summers ago. I don't have much desire to take a road trip that long again in the near future (if ever); it took us 19 hours of driving time to get there.

2. What is the longest vacation you've ever taken?
Probably the vacation I just got back from; to California for 8 days. I don't take too many vacations but when I do, they are usually for a weekend.

3. Which was the best vacation you've ever taken? Why?
I've had a lot of nice vacations. The weekend getaways to the cabin are wonderful! The trip to Georgia would have been a lot better had I not had a major injury while we were there. This trip to California that we just got back from was a really great time! Everything was new to me; the flying, the scenery, the places we visited; it will be one I definitely won't forget!

Now it's time for What's On ..... Right Now?, and the question this week is.............
What's On your kitchen walls Right Now?
~the clock I bought in Georgia cuz it matches my kitchen perfectly
~2 pictures; one that says, "Take time to smell the flowers," and one that says, "Sow some seeds of kindness today."
~cupboards on two walls
~a phone
That was easy! I'll be catching up on a couple more memes later tonight! Until then, happy blogging!

said    at 6:34 PM


We're home! It's 1:00 a.m. here, but we're not a bit tired. I've got a lot to share with you but not tonight. We had a wonderful vacation and I kept a journal while we were there. Every night when we got home (my sister's home), I uploaded my pictures onto the computer and did a little journaling about the day. I will edit that tomorrow and share the whole week with you if you're interested in hearing it. For now, I'm off....................

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Thursday, August 07, 2003


I couldn't stay away that, my Mom asked to me share at least one California picture with her. I'm limited on time so this is what I came up with.

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Monday, August 04, 2003


I'm doin' the Monday Madness!! This week's questions, brought to you by Cynthia..............thanks!
1. What's a situation in your life that you felt totally unsure in, or lacking in confidence in?
Oh, there are lots of situations; but one that comes to mind right away is speaking in public. I can do the readings at church but beyond that, I'm terrified to speak in front of people. Don't know why; self-conscious, I guess.
2. What aspect of your life do you feel that you have the most confidence in dealing with?
My job. I feel very confident in what I do at work. I'm grateful for that; it's one of the many reasons I stay!
3. Is there any one outfit you own that when you wear it, you feel totally confident or able to take on the world?
Well, there are three suits, that when I wear them, I feel confident. I don't dress up much; maybe it's the heels (not too high, but heels nonetheless.) It makes me feel taller and makes me walk straighter or something. I feel like I look better so in turn, that makes me feel better.

See y'all!

said    at 9:35 PM


..........and the countdown continues! In exactly 31 hours, we will be on our way to CALIFORNIA! Take care of my blog while I'm gone, ok? (Actually, I can't believe I won't be blogging for 8 days; I'm too much of a 'blog-geek.') I'll keep ya updated on all the excitement while we're there, when I can. Meanwhile, I leave you with another profound quote: "Deep faith eliminates fear." ~Lech Walesa

said    at 12:08 AM

Saturday, August 02, 2003


I have completed my 26 Things project successfuly. I'm so glad I got all my photos uploaded and ftp'd by today. That was, after all, my goal. (Is afterall one word or two? I'm goin' with two.) If you want to view my '26 Things' photo album, just click on the little blue blinkie over there on the right-hand sidebar. Only downfall; it's limited on bandwith transfer time (or whatever you call it; you know what I mean.) I'd also like to share a few of my friends' '26 things' photos with you. Granni has completed her project as well; go visit! And Sherle, you know, the lady that runs Photo Time? She's also completed the project. Then there's Shirl, who's had her's done since August 1st. I always have to be a day (or two) late and a dollar short.

I'm getting closer to being ready to leave on Tuesday. One thing I wanted to do before we go is clean the house so we don't come back to a 'sty.' Well, it's not really a sty, but there's a lot of clutter around. I've begun to pack! I'm really not sure what I was so worried about; it takes how many minutes to throw a few shirts/pants/shorts/accessories into a suitcase??? You may think I'm acting a little immature about this whole trip, but remember, this will be my first time flying. I'm not nervous so far; ask me Tuesday! Like I said before, my sister (who we're going to visit) now has internet service and I'm sure I won't be able to stay away from it for eight days. So you'll probably see me around a little. Goodie for you! G-O-O-D-I-E ????? I think it might be spelled goody. yeah, goody. Well, it's that time.........goodnight! Sweet dreams!

said    at 11:55 PM


I have all of my photos for "26 Things" and I've created an album. Now if only I could figure out what I'm doing wrong when I go to ftp my file up to my website! I don't have my own domain so I'm trying to use Angelfire or Geocities. Angelfire has been treating my bad; that's why I got rid of my "ottosite" web site. Well, it's still there; I just don't do anything with it anymore. Hey, maybe I'll try to ftp it up there again.......I don't care if it replaces the other index page because I don't want it anyway. I have SO much to do before we leave Tuesday! I'm going to ask if I can go into work at 6:00 on Monday and get out at 1:30, instead of working 8:00 to 3:30. It will give me a whole lot more time to get things done. You may not see my smilies until I get back from CA because other things are taking priority right now. Matter of fact, I need to get ready to go to church this afternoon, but wanted to do a little venting first.........until next time; take care!!

UPDATE, UPDATE!!! Yay me!! I did it! I don't have anything there but just my photos, but I successfully ftp'd my files to Angelfire! If you want, you can go check them out here. I plan to add a comment thingy but I REALLY gotta get my butt in gear and get ready for church! Oh, gotta make my little button a link first! Later!

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