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Sunday, June 29, 2003


I have comments now! I think haloscan is the one I use for Monday Madness too, but I didn't realize it right away, until I read bryn's suggestion on my chatterbox about trying it. PLUS, you can make a 'title banner' that people will see when they go to leave a comment! It has to be 300 x 60. Now I have to go make one for my MM!! I know the comment feature (no matter which one you use) is down at times, but 3 days?!? That's just a bit frustrating. (I'm going to go make a banner for MM now.)

P.S. Does anyone know how I can change my scrollbar colors to something that matches?? I'm afraid I'll mess up my template if I do it the wrong way. AND I think it'll change the one for my zonkboard too, right? Ok. I figured out how to do the scrollbar for my blog but it doesn't have anything to do with the zonkboard. When I go to change the colors in my zonkboard template, I put the correct color code in for the scrollbar but it doesn't affect it!! Hmmmm.....

I found another place to get smilies; found fool's house at loo who's place! They have some really cute ones!! Go check 'em out!

said    at 10:39 AM


If I have to go one more whole day without comments, I may have to consider switching to a new place. I'm a bit discouraged about that right now. I was going to put my results of a quiz I took earlier today up here but I thought it was so inaccurate that I didn't even bother. Have you seen it yet? The one that rates your blog like they rate movies (don't even remember now where I found it) and mine came up PG-13. Can you believe it??? I plan to add a quote a day and some other stuff still within the next day or so. It takes time to create a new blog! But I think I'm happy with this one now. I'll probably just keep adding to it like I did my other one; and when I get sick of seeing something here, I just change it. I love it when a blog has a bunch of links and stuff.

Do you like taking pictures?? I love taking pictures with my digital camera; I plan on getting a new one just as soon as they come out with the newer model and when I can afford it. I've been participating in some photo memes the last couple of weeks. You can find my pictures here. The one that I've participated in since it started is Photo Time. I've also participated in Photo Friday the last couple of weeks. It's quite fun! You should try it! I've been to some good blogs and I don't know WHY these people aren't sharing their pictures with more people! YOU know who you are!!

We watched "Just Married" tonight; it's a pretty cute movie. It's out on dvd and I have coupons for 'rent one, get one free' so we usually rent two movies a month. When ya got basic cable, there's not many choices; although Lifetime has some pretty good movies sometimes.......sappy but good. My sister calls it the sap-time channel. Well, I'm just sitting here listening to Whitney Houston's latest cd; just got done hearing Celine. She's got some good music! Lemme see if I can add that quote thing now. It's pretty cool actually. It puts a different quote for each day of the week, and the best part is that you get to write your own quotes.......later!

said    at 12:36 AM

Friday, June 27, 2003


My comments aren't working! Darn!! (So, please feel free to leave a message on my chatterbox.) My work week is finally over! And what a week it was! Actually, I have to put in some hours this weekend because the new fiscal year starts Tuesday and there's lots of data that needs be entered before I can start using the new software. I am SO glad I went to the training sessions this week. I took a l-o-n-g nap today; an hour and a half!! I must have been tired. Not much else to say right now. Gotta go!

P.S. I just made a small error in my code for one of the images and when I hit "post and publish" I got a message telling me there was an error and where the error was! Pretty cool, eh?

said    at 6:37 PM

Thursday, June 26, 2003


I have a really cool calendar in the right-hand sidebar now! My daughter shared this place with me! Thank you, Alex! You gotta check out stundesigns! You can customize it any color you want and add events for any date/s of the month. I've been looking for a little calendar like this for quite some time now and it was really late last night when Alex told me about it so I had to wait until tonight to do it, but it's done and I like it! Go get one! I'm planning on posting my photo for Phototime within the next couple of days...........the theme is "Getting It Together." I have to look for just the right photo; you know? If you like taking pictures, whether you have a digital camera or not, why not consider joining some photo memes? And this one is pretty brand new so give it a try!! (When I get my photo up, I'll let you know and you can click on my "photo blog" link over there to see it.) Once again, I've stayed up too late; but the up side is that tomorrow is my last day of training so I don't have to be there until 9:00! That gives me a little extra time in the morning to play on the internet. Until tomorrow then...........

said    at 1:23 AM

Wednesday, June 25, 2003


I was going to post this on my otto once more blog, the one I usually post my meme answers to, but it is currently being "moved to the new and improved format." So, I will answer this question from What's On ..... Right Now? here...........
What's On your bathroom/sink countertop Right Now?
MORE stuff than I have room to list! But I'll give it a shot........
~hair spray~lotion~more lotion~"Bed Head" hair spray, mousse, gel, etc.~hair straightening stuff~"Frizz Ease" hair products~"Bath & Body Works" body spray~3 picks~a comb~2 brushes~lip gloss~sunless suntan stuff~sunblock~hair~pierced ear antiseptic~make-up remover~powder~deodorant~shampoo~conditioner~a thing of mascara~hair "thingies"~body butter~and lots of lotion~spray gel~did I say lotion??? We LOVE "Bath & Body Works" lotions!!!! We do!!!! (Oh, and the body 'butter' is just another name for lotion as far as I'm concerned.)

Don't ASK me to list what's on the other shelves in my bathroom!! You may have noticed that I don't have SOAP on my list; well, our hot water in the bathroom sink comes out in a trickle so we just walk right into the kitchen to wash our hands; yes, we DO wash our hands! (like you really wanted to know that, right?)p.s. our toothpaste is on a different shelf! So, no, our teeth don't look like that! Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

another p.s. If you want to use the smilies from crack's smilies, just get rid of that [img] and [/img] stuff and replace it with the code you'd usually use for an image. I had to figure this out myself but why make you, right?

said    at 7:37 PM


Say what you want about 90 degree weather. I hate it!! BUT that's not why I'm here; not to complain. Well, don't go into shock here, but my daughter finally updated her blog. She's really very creative, but you know how kids are; they tend to go in spurts when it comes to blogging. Unless there's something cool they can add to their page, they don't really get too excited about it (I guess.)

I got our itinerary the other day!!! We're going to California; it's official!! We're really excited! I have never flown before so this is going to be a new experience for me all the way around. I'll probably be nervous and won't be able to sleep the night before (I know; just like a kid) but once we get on that plane, I hear, you can't even tell you're in the air thousands of feet up. Of course I'll be sharing our vacation with you when we return; not going until August but that'll be here before we know it!

Gotta get ready for work...........another day, another dollar! Believe me, that's about what it feels like sometimes. Oops! I'm complaining again; sorry! Until later, my friends, take care!

said    at 7:37 AM

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Just testing something out. I was at crack's smilies and it says all you have to do to use their smilies is click a smilie and copy the code. Can this be true? I found this place over at annie's blog. They have all kinds of smilies!

On another matter: Today was my first day of a 3-day training session for the new accounting program I'm going to start using next week. It's the second time I've attended this training; first time was in January. It's one of those things though that you have to start DOING long before six months after learning how to do it! It's going to be challenging but these next couple of days are going to be really helpful. And I have all kinds of people I can call for tech support. I'm looking forward to it even though it will probably mean putting in a lot of extra hours at first; in the long run it will be worth it considering all the parishes in our diocese are "clustering" with two to three other parishes. I know there will be cut-backs in staff and I feel this gives me a bit more security. So things are going ok at the job. I've not been there much the last couple of weeks due to "time off" (I say it that way because I was at work at some point three days out of four on my week off! I must be more valuable than I thought.) (ha, ha) and with this week mostly spent at the training. BUT my work gets done anyway and life goes on..........

said    at 10:04 PM

Monday, June 23, 2003


Ok, I'm a bit bummed. The first day for my new Monday Madness, and the comments are NOT working!!! Thank goodness I put a chatterbox up there! Speaking of Monday Madness, I think I'll answer the questions for today...............
1. What zodiac sign are you? Do you believe what your zodiac sign says about the kind of person you are?
I am a Gemini, and as far as what they say about us? You know, I do believe it to some extent. I don't think I have as much of a duo personality as it sometimes insinuates (gotta love that Franklin electronic dictionary!) but I may fit that description to a degree.

2. Do you read your horoscope on a regular (or semi-regular) basis? Do you believe there is a certain degree of accuracy in what it says?
I don't read my horoscope regulary; well, I have this one desk-top calendar that tells me things. For instance, today's says, "If someone is taking a contrary position or thwarting your efforts, you can afford to take the high road and refuse to engage. Don't think for a minute that you'll get anywhere by arguing; and besides, important employment or career activity beckons." Now I must say, there is some truth in that statement! I DO have important employment activity 'beckoning.' So, it is all how we read it I guess.

3. Have you ever visited (or called) any type of fortune teller? If so, feel free to share your experience; if not, feel free to share your thoughts as well.
I have never visited or called a fortune teller. Yeah, I probably thought about doing it at some point/s in my life, but I've never really wanted to hear what they say could happen in my future. It scares me a little bit. I think if I just try to live my life to its fullest potential, then things will happen as they may.

said    at 8:29 PM


Good Monday morning! Yes, it's 'back to work.' (as if I ever left!) Just wanted to do a short entry before my work day starts. Looks like people are finding my new Monday Madness site ok. I'll answer the questions later today. See the blinkie over there to the left? It's the one that says, "Happy Birthday to YOU!" Yes, it's Windy's birthday on the 24th of June. Happy birthday Windy!!! (Didn't want her thinking I didn't know when her birthday was.) Anyhow, gotta get to work; well, gotta get dressed first. So I'm off until later! Have a great Monday!!

said    at 7:42 AM

Sunday, June 22, 2003


I like my brand new home here. I like that I don't have to go into the template to post entries and add the comment thing to each one.

I found a question at random questions; random days that I want to it is:
White reflects all color. Black absorbs all color. Do you consider black and white to be colors? Why or why not?
Yes, I do consider white and black to be colors. Why? Because they would be in my list of colors if someone were to ask me to write down a list of 15 colors (just chose 15 as a random number.) They would be in the list right along with red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, grey, black, white, maroon, teal, tan, beige, turquoise; how many is that? Even though these two colors are different from the other colors I mentioned, they are still colors. I have clothes that are black or white. If they weren't colors, how would we describe the items we own that are those colors? Are ya gettin' my point here?

Gotta go see what else I want to add to my blog here! Later!

said    at 1:07 AM

Saturday, June 21, 2003


I've not blogged in what seems like days (probably has been!) Yes, I had my blog at for a short while; then had problems so decided to move back to blogger. Since my last 'blogger' home, I've been out there checking out every single blog-host I could find that didn't cost money. I am here to tell you; this is the place to be. I know what I said earlier; blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I tend to act in haste; well, you know what they say about THAT! Or is that another saying I'm thinking about? I just want everyone to know that if you're thinking about moving your blog to another host, and if you trust me, take my advice: STAY PUT! Now I did move Monday Madness to a new template, which meant I had to give it a new url. You can click on the link in the previous sentence to get there. Also, I put an automatic re-direct code on the old page that'll take you directly to the new site in 5 seconds. Please, please, change your links (to both my places.) Now if anyone out there is reading this and wondering why my 'new pad' and the new 'mm' layout looks similar to What's On ..... Right Now?, I did NOT steal from June. We worked together to create these layouts. I made the banner, buttons and background in Paint Shop Pro 7. If you like creating things, ya just gotta get PSP! There's a newer version out now but I haven't been able to let go of the money OR the familiarity I have with PSP 7, to break down and upgrade to version 8. By the way, if you want to know how I make my blinkies..........go check out my blinkie tuts. So, here I am; back at blogger, with no plans of changing in the near future. So sit easy and don't worry about my state of mind.........I had a few days off from work; I had to do SOMETHING to entertain myself! Until next time, happy bloggin!

said    at 2:38 PM

Friday, June 20, 2003


Yes, my new home.

said    at 11:02 PM

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